Auth0 as IDP

Setup Auth0 as Identity Provider


  • Copy these values from the Service Provider Info tab of the SAML plugin.
    • SP Entity ID
    • ACS URL
    • Single Logout URL


Applications tab - Auth0 SSO

  • Click on Create Application.

Create Application - Auth0 SSO

  • A new window will pop-up. Enter a name for the application and select Regular Web App. Click on CREATE button.

Select Application - Auth0 SSO


  • Select the Addons tab.


  • Enable SAML2 option in the addons. It will open up a Configuration window.

Configuration Window - Auth0 SSO

  • Enter Application Callback URL, Audience, Recipient and other settings using SP entity ID and ACS URL copied from the plugin as shown below:

Web App - Auth0 SSO

  • Scroll down and click on Save.

SSO Details - Auth0 SSO

  • Go to the Usage tab and click on the Identity Provider Metadata download link. It will download the metadata XML file which you’ll need for setting up the SAML plugin.

Download Metadata - Auth0 SSO