Configure Salesforce as a Service Provider and Drupal SAML module as an Identity Provider

Step 1: Creating your own Salesforce domain (skip this step if you already have a Salesforce domain)

  • Login to your Salesforce account.
  • If you are using Lightning Experience console switch to classic console.
  • switch to classic console of salesforce
  • Go to Setup in the top-right section of page.
  • go to salesforce setup page
  • Now in the left pane, select Domain Management.
  • Select My Domain.
  • Choose your domain name, check for availability and if available, proceed by clicking the Register Domain button.
  • salesforce setup page
  • Test your domain once it is ready, by clicking the link and then click Deploy to Users.

Step 2: Configure salesforce as an identity provider

  • From the left pane, select Single Sign On (SSO) Settings from Security Controls.
  • Click on Edit for Single Sign-On (SSO) settings.
  • salesforce idp configuration page
  • Now enable Federated Single Sign On (SSO) Using SAML in Single Sign-On Settings and Save settings.
  • enable SAML in salesforce
  • In the SAML Single Sign On (SSO) Settings, select New from metadata file.
  • select New from metadata file
  • Navigate to your drupal site     configurations     Drupal SAML IDP Configuration    IDP Metadata tab     Download Identity Provider Metadata file.
  • download IdP provider metadata from drupal
  • Upload the metadata file downloaded in the last step and click on create:
  • upload identity provider metadata file
  • Choose Appropriate Name, API NAME, enable Just-in-time user provisioning.
  • choose appropriate sso configurations
  • Download metadata file and note down login and logout url ( this will be required required to configure miniOrange IDP module as IDP )
  • download service provider metadata from salesforce
  • Navigate to your drupal site    configurations     Drupal SAML IDP Configuration     IDP Metadata tab     Upload SP Metadata.
  • upload sp metadata in drupal upload sp metadata in drupal 1
  • Check ACS URL and SAML Logout URL they must match the Login url, Logout url respectivelty from salesforce ( we have noted down these urls earlier ). If they don’t match edit them accordingly and click on save configuration.
  • verify your salesforce and drupal configurations save IdP as drupal configurations
  • Now click on the test configuration to test the connection.
  • test SSO connection

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