Fatsecret Integration With WordPress OAuth Client

WordPress OAuth & OpenID Connect plugin enables secure login into WordPress using Fatsecret as OAuth and OpenID Connect provider. You can also configure the plugin using different custom providers and standard IDPs. It supports advanced features such as user profile Attribute mapping, Role mapping, etc.

Steps to configure Fatsecret into WordPress

Step 1: Setup Fatsecret as OAuth Provider

  • First of all, go to https://platform.fatsecret.com/api/ and sign up/login in your account to Configure Fatsecret.
  • wordpress oauth client plugin sso : save settings
  • From Configure OAuth tab in Oauth Client plugin, collect Redirect/Callback URL and enter it into your Eve Online Application
  • Copy your Client ID and Client Secret and save it on your miniOrange OAuth Client plugin Configuration.
  • You have successfully completed your Fatsecret OAuth Server side configurations.
  • Fatsecret Endpoints and Scope:

    Client ID : Click Here
    Client Secret : Click Here
    Scope: basic premier barcode localization
    Access Token Endpoint: https://oauth.fatsecret.com/connect/token

You have successfully configured Fatsecret as OAuth Provider for achieving Fatsecret login into your WordPress Site.

Step 2: Setup WordPress as OAuth Client

  • FatSecret supports the 'Client Credentials' grant type to secure server-to-server communication.and we provide the Client Credentials grant type in paid version of OAuth Client Plugin.

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