Google Apps as IdP for WordPress

Step 1:Setup Google Apps/G Suite as Identity Provider

Follow the following steps to set up Google Apps / G Suite as an Identity Provider

miniorange img  Login as Administrator

  • In the miniOrange SAML SP SSO plugin, navigate to Service Provider Metadata tab. Here, you can find the SP metadata such as SP Entity ID and ACS (AssertionConsumerService) URL which are required to configure the Identity Provider.
  • wordpress saml upload metadata
  • Go to and login with your G Suite administrator account.
  • Go to Apps from the left menu and click SAML Apps.

    google app sso-1
miniorange img  Add a SAML app

  • Click on the “+” button at the bottom right corner to create a new SAML app.
  • Select button SETUP MY OWN CUSTOM APP

    google app sso-2
miniorange img  IDP Information

  • Download IDP metadata from option 2. This is necessary for later configuration of the add-on.
  • You can also copy G Suite details from Option 1 and download the certificate to configure the add-on  manually.
  • Click Next.

    google app sso-3
miniorange img  Service Provider Details

    google app sso-4
  • Enter details from the SP Info tab in the add-on as given below.

    Information to be entered in G Suite Information to copy from the add-on in SP Info tab
    Entity ID SP Entity ID/ Issuer
    Signed Response
    Name ID Format EMAIL
  • Click Next.
miniorange img  Attribute Mapping

  • Click on Add New Mapping
  • Add mapping for first name and last name
  • Click on Finish

    google app sso-5
miniorange img  Turn on

  • Go to SAML Apps again.
  • Click on the menu against your app and select ON for everyone or ON for some to activate SSO

    google app sso-6