Google Apps/ G Suite as IDP

Setup Google Apps/G Suite as Identity Provider

Follow the following steps to set up Google Apps / G Suite as an Identity Provider

STEP 1. Login as Administrator

  • Go to and login with your G Suite administrator account.
  • Go to Apps from the left menu and click SAML Apps

SAML Apps - Google

STEP 2. Add a SAML app

  • Click on the “+” button at the bottom right corner to create a new SAML app.

Enable SSO - Google G Suite

STEP 3. IDP Information

  • Download IDP metadata from option 2. This is necessary for later configuration of the add-on.
  • You can also copy G Suite details from Option 1 and download the certificate to configure the add-on manually.
  • Click Next.

STEP 4. App Information

  • Enter Application Name and Upload logo (optional) for your app.
  • Click Next

Basic Information - Google G Suite

STEP 5. Service Provider Details

Service Provider - Google G Suite

  • Enter details from the SP Info tab in the add-on as given below
    Information to be entered in G Suite Information to copy from the add-on in SP Info tab
    Entity ID SP Entity ID/ Issuer
    Signed Response
    Name ID Format EMAIL
  • Click Next

STEP 6. Attribute Mapping

  • Click on Add New Mapping
  • Add mapping for first name and last name
  • Click on Finish

Attribute Mapping - Google G Suite


STEP 7. Turn on

  • Go to SAML Apps again.
  • Click on the menu against your app and select ON for everyone or ON for some to activate SSO

Turn On - Google G Suite