Guide to Configure Drupal 8 OAuth Server

Step 1: Configure Drupal 8 as an OAuth server

  Install miniOrange OAuth Server:

  • Click here to download miniOrange OAuth server module.
  • On your drupal console go to Extend Install new module.

  • Browse and choose the downloaded zip.

  • Click on Enable newly added modules.

  • Enable this module by checking the checkbox and click on Install.

  Configure miniOrange OAuth Server:

  • Register/Login with miniOrange.

  • Click on the OAUTH CLIENT tab.
  • Add Client Name and Authorized Redirect URL which you will get from the OAuth Client.

  • Use the Client ID, Client Secret , Endpoint Urls and the Scope to configure your OAuth client.

  • If you face any issues, Feel free to reach out to us for any assistance.

  • If you are looking for an OAuth Client module for your Durpal site, checkout the miniOrange OAuth Client module for Drupal.