Guide to Configure Line as an OAuth/OpenId Connect Server

  • Download the Line Application(app) and sign up/login into the app in the mobile.
  • Use the same credentials used to log into the Line mobile App for logging in to
  • From top menu click on Products.
    Reddit create app
  • From the options click on LINE Login. Reddit create app
  • Click on Start now as shown in below image. Reddit create app
  • Please click on Create new provider and give suitable name and click on Next page as shown in the image below. Reddit create app
  • Fill all the required details.
    Reddit create app
  • In Channel Settings, you will find your Channel ID(Client ID) and Channel Secret(Client Secret). Please copy it and keep it handy. Reddit create app
  • Applying for email permission click on Submit next to "Email" in the OpenID Connect session and Agree to the application terms and upload a screen
    shot of the screen that explains to the user why you need to obtain their email address and what you will use it for. Reddit create app
  • In App settings click on edit and ADD call back URL/Redirect URL. Reddit create app
  • Please use following end points to configure your miniOrange OAuth Client Plugin.
    Authorization Endpoint:
    Access Token Endpoint:
    Get User Info Endpoint:
    Scopes: Profile openid email
  • Click on Test Configuration to test your configuration.
  • You have successfully completed your Line OAuth Server-side configurations.

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