Guide to Configure WildApricot as an OAuth/OpenId Connect Server

  • Go to and sign up/login to register a new app.
  • Login using Admin credentials.
  • Under the Settings , select Integration option to continue. Reddit create app
  • Click on Authorized Applications as shown in below image. Reddit create app
  • Click on Authorize application as shown in the image below. Reddit create app
  • From the list available select Server Application and click on continue. Reddit create app
  • Fill the details and pick Client ID and Client Secret keep it handy. Reddit create app
  • Copy Scope and the following URLs in your miniOrange OAuth Client plugin/module and save settings.
    Authorization Endpoint: https://<your_account_url>/sys/login/OAuthLogin Ex your_account_url is the url <>
    Access Token Endpoint:
    Get User Info Endpoint:<account_id>/contacts/me
    Scopes: auto
  • Click on Test Configuration to test your configuration.
  • You have successfully completed your WildApricot OAuth Server-side configurations.

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