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How to Enable Role based 2FA for WordPress | Role based 2-Factor Authentication

Role-based two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security measure that applies different levels of authentication based on the roles or privileges of users within an organization or system. Instead of enforcing the same 2FA requirements for all users, role-based 2FA allows for a more flexible and tailored approach to authentication.

Follow these steps to Enable 2-Factor based on roles.

  • Click on the miniOrange 2-Factor plugin and go to Login Settings tab.
  • Role based 2FA - Click miniOrange 2-Factor

  • Now, the checkbox of all the roles is enabled by default so if you want to disable two factors for any user role just unselect for the particular role.
  • Example- I have selected the checkbox for a particular user role namely Administrator, Author, Contributor, Subscriber.
  • Role based 2FA - Select role

  • Click on Save Settings button.
  • Role based 2FA - Click save settings button
  • After this, whenever a user of selected role logs in to the WordPress site user will be asked for two-factor. And other users will log in normally.
  • Note- We are providing 2-factor authentication for 3 users in the free version if you want to add it for more user, please upgrade to the paid version.

Specific set of authentication methods based on user role.

  • Click on Specific Roles radio button and then click on particular user role and select Authentication Methods you want to configure for that role.
  • Example- In the image below, I have chosen the Editor role and enabled different Two Factor methods.
  • Role based 2FA - Slelect specific user

  • Page scoll down and click on Save Settings button.
  • Role based 2FA - Click save settings button

  • Now, whenever the selected role-based user is registering he will only see specific Authentication methods which are enabled for him by Admin.
  • Role based 2FA - Select 2fa method

Custom Redirect Login URL

  • Go to the Select Roles to enable 2-Factor feature.
  • Role based 2FA - Go to select role feature

  • Each user role has a Custom Redirect Login URL textbox so, edit that URL and click on the Save Settings button.
  • Example- In the image below, I have Customized Custom Redirect Login URL for the Administrator role.
  • Role based 2FA - Click save settings button
  • Now when the Administrator user logs into the site the user will redirect to Custom Redirect Login URL page.

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