Setup Guide for Slack App

Step 1: Setup Slack as OAuth Provider

  • Login to Slack : Go to Slack API and login with your account.
  • Go to Channel Settings and click on Add an app option.
  • slack1
  • Create an app : Go to the Create App page.
  • Enter App name and Development Slack Workshop. App name can be anything and by default Slack Workshop is Group but you can sign in to another workspace.
  • Click On Create App.
  • slack3
  • Here you can create your own workspace.
  • slack4
  • Copy Client ID and Client Secret.
  • slack5
  • Add Redirect URL : Go to OAuth & Permissions, enter Callback URL (copied from plugin) under Redirect URLs text field and after that click on Save URLs.
  • slack6
  • Scope: Go to OAuth & Permissions, select scope from Select Permission Scopes dropdown list and Save Changes. Identity basic is required scope.
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