Ping Federate as IDP

Setup PingFederate as Identity Provider

All the information required to configure the Ping Federate as SAML IDP i.e. plugin’s metadata is given in the Service Provider Info tab of the miniOrange plugin.

Step 1: Login to your Ping Federate User Admin dashboard.

Step 2: Click on the Identity Provider in the left navigation menu.

Step 3: Under SP CONNECTION, click on Create New button.

Identity Provider - Ping Federate SSO

Step 4: Select the Browser SSO Profiles connection template on the Connection Type tab and click Next.

Connection Type - Ping Federate SSO

Step 5: Select Browser SSO on the Connection Options tab and click Next.

Connection Options - Ping Federate SSO

Step 6: Select File as the method for importing metadata and click Choose file to choose the miniOrange SSO plugin’s metadata on the Import Metadata tab. Click Next.

Import Metadata - Ping Federate SSO

Step 7: Review the information on the Metadata Summary tab and click Next.

Step 8: In the General Info tab ensure that the Service Provider’s Entity ID, Connection Name, and Base URL fields pre-populate based on the metadata. Click Next.

Step 9: Navigate to the Browser SSO tab and click on the Configure Browser SSO. You will be redirected to Browser SSO Setup wizard.

1. Select the IdP-Initiated SSO and SP-Initiated SSO options on the SAML Profiles tab and click Next.

SAML Profiles - Ping Federate SSO

2. Enter your desired assertion validity time from on the Assertion Lifetime tab and click Next. By default, it is configured 5 minutes for both.

3. Navigate to the Assertion Creation and click on the Configure Assertion Creation. You will be redirected to the assertion creation setup wizard.

3.1 In the Identity Mapping tab select STANDARD and click Next.

3.2 Select a Subject Name Format for the SAML_SUBJECT on the Attribute Contract tab and click Next.

3.3 Click Map New Adapter Instance on the Authentication Source Mapping.

Authentication Source Mapping - Ping Federate SSO

3.4 Select an Adapter Instance and click Next. The adapter must include the user’s email address.

Adapter Instance - Ping Federate SSO

3.5 Select the Use only the adapter contract values in the SAML assertion option on the Mapping Method tab and click Next.

3.6 Select your adapter instance as the Source and the email as the Value on the Attribute Contract Fulfilment tab and click Next.

Attribute Contract - Ping Federate SSO

3.7 (Optional) Select any authorization conditions you would like on the Issuance Criteria tab and click Next.

3.8 Click Done on the Summary.

3.9 Click Next on the Authentication Source Mapping tab.

3.10 Click Done on the Summary tab.

3.11 Click Next on the Assertion Creation

4. Navigate to the Protocol Settings tab of the Browser SSO wizard and click on the Configure Protocol settings.

4.1 Select POST for Binding and specify the single sign-on endpoint URL in the Endpoint URL field on the Assertion Consumer Service URL Click Next.

Protocol Settings - Ping Federate SSO

4.2 Select POST on the Allowable SAML Bindings tab and click Next.

4.3 Select your desired signature policies for assertions on the Signature Policy tab and click Next.

Signature Policy - Ping Federate SSO

4.4 Select your desired encryption policy for assertions on the Encryption Policy tab and click Next.

4.5 Click Done on the Protocol Settings Summary tab.

4.6 Click Done on the Browser SSO Summary.

Step 10: Navigate to the Credentials and click on the Configure Credentials. You will be redirected to the Credentials setup wizard.

1. Select the Signing Certificate to use with the Single Sign-On service and select Include the certificate in the signature element in the Digital Signature Settings tab. Click Done.

Signing Certificate - Ping Federate SSO

2. Click Done on the Summary.

3. Click Next on the Credentials.

Step 11: Select Active for the Connection Status on the Activation & Summary tab and click Save.

Step 12: Now, navigate to the Ping Federate User Admin dashboardè Identity Provide.

Step 13: Click Manage All under SP Connections.

Step 14: Click Export Metadata for the desired service provider connection.

Step 15: Choose a Signing Certificate on the Metadata Signing tab and click Next.

Step 16: Click Export on the Export & Summary tab and click Done.

Step 17: Provide the downloaded Ping Federate metadata to the Service Provide applications.