SCIM User Provisioning using Onelogin | Joomla SCIM

Joomla SCIM plugin gives you ability to automate user creation, updation and deletion process from existing Identity Provider to your Joomla site. The System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) is an open standard for securely synchronizing user information between multiple applications. Here we will go through a step-by-step guide to enable SCIM user sync between Joomla site and Onelogin as Identity Provider.

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  • Step 1: Download Joomla SCIM Plugin, then go to SCIM Configurations tab to get SCIM base URL and SCIM bearer Token .
  • User provisioning with Okta of SCIM Standard - create application

  • Step 2: Log in to your Onelogin Portal. Go to Applications -> Applications
  • Step 3: Click on Add App

  • Step 4: Search SCIM in search field and select SCIM provisioner with SAML (Core Schema v1.1)

  • Step 5: Enter SCIM App Name and click on Save

  • Step 6: After clicking on save, click on Configuration. In API connection Enter SCIM Base URL SCIM Bearer Token from step 1

  • Step 7: Click on Provisioning -> click on Enable Provisioning then click on Save.
  • Step 8: Click on Users enter user details and click on Save

  • Congratulations, you have successfully configured the miniOrange Joomla SCIM User Provisioning plugin with OneLogin.


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