Setup miniOrange as OpenID Connect Provider

Step 1: Create an application in miniOrange

  1. Login to your miniOrange dashboard.
  2. Go to Apps Manage Apps Configure Apps
  3. Select OAuth/OIDC tab and click on OpenID Connect

    Configure OIDC App

  4. Fill up details of OpenID client

    OIDC Client Details

  5. Redirect URI in above image is the endpoint of OAuth client where access token will be sent.

Step 2: Copy the OAuth Provider information to set up OAuth client

  1. Edit the newly created app.

    Edit app

  2. Copy following information which will be required by your OAuth client.
    1.  Client ID
    2. Client Secre
    3.  Authorization Endpoint
    4. Token Endpoint
    5. User Info Endpoint
    6. Supported Scopes

    Copy OIDC Provider Info