steps to enable two factor for yourself and your users

Two Factor Authentication (TFA) is highly secure and easy to setup for your Drupal Site. miniOrange Two Factor Authentication (TFA) adds a second layer of security to your Drupal accounts. It protects your site from hacks and unauthorized login attempts.

Step 1: Install miniOrange 2-Factor Plugin

  • click here to download miniOrange 2-Factor Plugin(.zip).
  • On your Drupal console go to module install new module.
  • Browse and choose the downloaded zip.
  • Install and enable the module.

Step 2: Configure miniOrange 2-Factor Plugin

  • Register with MiniOrange.
  • Click on SETUP TWO-FACTOR tab. Select any Two-Factor of your choice and complete its setup by clicking on configure link.
  • You can Test your configured two factor in plugin by clicking on test link and can re-configure by clicking on re-configure link.

Step 3: Try login using miniOrange 2-Factor Plugin

  • Once your 2-factor setup is complete, when you login next time you will be asked to authenticate your identity using selected two factor method.

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