Step by Step Guide to enable miniOrange OTP Verification plugin for Drupal

OTP Verification plugin verifies Email Address/Mobile Number of users by sending verification code(OTP) during registration. It removes the possibility of a user registering with fake Email Address/Mobile Number. This plugin checks the existence of the Email Address/Mobile Number and the ability of a user to access that Email Address/Mobile Number.

Step 1: Download the OTP Verification module from

Step 2: Install the Drupal As Identity Provider module either by downloading the zip or from the URL of the package(tar/zip) and using the Install from URL under Install new module.

Step 3: Enable this module by checking the checkbox. Click on Save Configuration.

Step 4: Configure the module at admin/config/people/miniorange_otp.

Step 5: You will need to register an account with miniOrange. This is purely for the purpose of reaching out to customers who deploy the module on their Drupal websites.

Step 6: Go to your OAuth client application and configure it with above values.

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