Step by step guide to configure Fitbit as an OAuth Server

Step by Step Guide for configuring FitBit as an OAuth Server

1. Go to to go to FitBit developer console.

2. Go to Manage -> Register an APP to create an APP.

3. Login/ Signup to your FitBit account in case you are not already logged in.

4. In the Callback URL field, enter the Callback/Redirect URI from your miniOrange OAuth Client Plugin. Fill rest of the fields and click on Register button to save your configurations.

5. Copy your Client ID and Client Secret and save them in your miniOange OAuth Client Side Plugin/Module Configurations. (refer to image on the next page)

Please Note: While doing attribute mapping for FitBit, save the user Uid Key under the First Name attribute field instead of the first name keythat you get from Test Configurations.

You can download OAuth Client plugin using the following link.

WordPress OAuth Login ( OAuth Client )


 Fitbit Endpoints and Scope:

Client ID : from the step 5 above
Client Secret : from the step 5 above
Scope: profile
Authorize Endpoint:
Access Token Endpoint:
Get User Info Endpoint:

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