Step by Step Guide to Configure Gitlab as an OAuth Server

1.​ Go to and log into your box account.

2. ​Go to Applications ​tab.

3​. Add Name of your application and Redirect URI.

NOTE: Redirect URI is the URI where the user will be sent after authorization.

4. ​Make sure you chose the scope that fits your need.

NOTE:​ The scope chosen here should also be same as the entry on the MO OAuth​ Configuration

5. ​Click on Save. You will be shown the Application ID and Secret.

6. ​Copy Application ID as Client ID and Secret as Client Secret in MO OAuth Plugin configuration.

7. ​Click on Save Settings

You can download OAuth Client plugin using the following link.

WordPress OAuth Login ( OAuth Client )

 GitLab Endpoints and Scope:

Client ID : from the step 5 above
Client Secret : from the step 5 above
Scope: read_user
Authorize Endpoint:
Access Token Endpoint:
Get User Info Endpoint:

If you are facing any difficulty please mail us on