Step by step guide to configure Google as an OAuth Server

  • Go to and sign up/login.
  • Click on Select Project to create a new Google Apps Project(refer to image below).
  • Click on NEW PROJECT to create a new project or else select one from the existing projects.
  • Enter your Project name under the Project Name field.
  • Now, again click on Select a Project (highlighted in the image below) and select the newly created Project by clicking on the project name that you entered in the previous step.
  • Go to Navigation MenuAPIsServicesCredentials.
  • Click on Create Credentials button and then select OAuth Client ID from the options provided.
  • In case you are facing some warning saying that in order to create an OAuth Client ID, you must set a product name on consent screen (as shown in below image). Click on the Configure consent screen button.
  • Enter your product name under the Product Name Shown to Users field. Click on the SAVE button to save your settings.
  • Select Web Applicationfrom the options below Application Type. Enter the name you want for your Client ID under the name field and enter the Redirect/Callback URI from miniOrange OAuth Client plugin/module under the Authorized redirect URIs field.
  • Click on the SAVE button to save your configurations.
  • Copy your Client ID and Client Secret and save it on your miniOrange OAuth Client plugin Configuration.
  • You have successfully completed your Google App OAuth Server side configurations.
  • You can download OAuth Client plugin using the following link.
  • OAuth Single Sign On – SSO (OAuth client)
    Client ID :  from the step 15 above
    Client Secret :  from the step 15 above
    Scope:   email
    Authorize Endpoint:
    Access Token Endpoint:
    Get User Info Endpoint:

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