Step By Step Guide To Configure Rocket Chat as OAuth Client

  • Go to http://{your-rocket-chat-domain}/admin/OAuth and sign in/login.
  • Click on Add custom oauth to create a new OAuth Application(refer to image below).
  • certificate
  • Enter a Name for the Application and Click on Send to create a new Application.
  • certificate
  • You will be shown the Application Configuration tab.
  • Configure the Application as shown below:
  • certificate
  • To Get information like Client ID, Client Secret, Scope, Endpoints, etc. We will need to configure the OAuth Server first.

  • Note Down the callback URL as shown above.
  • Configuring the server:
  • 1) Add a Client Name.
    2) Enter the Callback/Redirect URI from above and click on Save Client.

  • Back in Rocket Chat OAuth Configuration, add the information as following:
  • Token Path Access Token Endpoint
    Identity Path Get User Info Endpoint
    Authorize Path Authorize Endpoint
    Scope Profile
    Id Client ID
    Secret Client Secret
  • You have successfully configured Rocket.Chat with miniOrange WordPress OAuth Server for SSO.
  • You can download OAuth Server plugin using the following link.
  • WordPress OAuth Server ( OAuth Provider )

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