Step by Step Guide to Configure WHMCS as a OAuth/OpenID Connect Server

Steps to Configure WHMCS As A OAuth/OpenID Connect Server

  • Go to your WHMCS domain and log into your WHMCS Administrator account.
  • You will be presented with following screen. Go to Setup OpenID Connect on the navigation bar on top.
  • Configure OpenID Connect in WHMCS
  • Click on Generate New Client API Credentials button.
  • Create new Client Credentials
  • You will be redirected to the app details page. Fill in the required details and enter Authorized Redirect URIs from miniOrange OAuth/OpenID Connect Plugin and click on Generate Credentials.
  • Configure New Client
  • You will be brought to App details page. Here, you can find Client ID and Client Secret.
  • Check your client configuration
  • Copy these credentials in MO OAuth Plugin configuration on corresponding fields.
  • You have successfully completed your WHMCS OpenID Connect Server side configurations.
  • You can download OAuth Client plugin using the following link.
  • OAuth Single Sign On – SSO (OAuth client)

    WHMCS Endpoints and Scope:

    Client ID: from the step 5 above
    Client Secret: from the step 5 above
    Scope: openid profile email
    Authorize Endpoint: https://{yourWHMCSdomain}/oauth/authorize.php
    Access Token Endpoint: https://{yourWHMCSdomain}/oauth/token.php
    User Info Endpoint: https://{yourWHMCSdomain}/oauth/userinfo.php?access_token=

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