Step by Step Guide to Configure Discord as an OAuth Server

  1. Go to and sign up/login.

  2. Click on Applications -> Create an application to create a new project or else select one from the existing applications.

  3. Click on General Information. Enter your Application name under the Name field. Copy your Client ID and Client Secret and save it on your miniOrange OAuth Client plugin Configuration.

  4. Go to OAuth2. Add Redirect URL provided in OAuth Client plugin under Redirect / Callback URL by clicking on Add Redirect. Also, select scopes as per your requirement or leave it as this is optional. Click on Save Changes.

  5. You can download OAuth Client plugin using the following link.
  6. WordPress OAuth Login ( OAuth Client )

     Discord Endpoints and Scope:

    Client ID : from the step 3 above
    Client Secret : from the step 3 above
    Scope: openid
    Authorize Endpoint:
    Access Token Endpoint:
    Get User Info Endpoint:

    If you are facing any difficulty please mail us on