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Azure AD Integration with Joomla OAuth Client

 Azure AD Integration with Joomla OAuth Client

Azure AD, the Joomla Azure AD integrator works with the Joomla OAuth & OpenId Connect Client Single Sign-On (SSO) Plugin. Login, Registration, Profile Update, and Password Reset are few of the user functions offered with the Joomla Azure AD integrator. All of these activities may be managed by Joomla administrators or users. With this Joomla Azure AD integration, you can provide a uniform user experience for all Azure AD users on your Joomla site. You don’t need to use the Azure User experience to administer them.

During the login event, the Joomla Azure AD integrator creates users in Joomla based on the Attribute and Role Mapping set in the OAuth Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin and logs them in later during SSO.

Key Features

Azure user creation from registration form in Joomla (As the registration form is unique for each site, this needs customization according to the form created and its corresponding fields)

Azure password reset using default Joomla password reset functionality

Azure user profile update from update form in Joomla (This feature also needs customization for the same reason)

Joomla to Azure On the Fly User provisioning

Azure login from default Joomla login form

The Joomla Azure AD Integrator add-on may be used for the following use-cases

A] User Registration in Azure AD from Joomla site

The Registration form on Joomla site is generally designed using one of the forms’ plugins like gravity forms, elementor, WP forms. The registration form contains all the input fields as per the use case. Users then register using that form like any other registrations out there, and they get created in your Azure AD seamlessly, all the tedious work is done at the backend by the Joomla Azure integrator. This use case generally gets extended by adding the email / phone number verification during registration and also adding the Profile Update form and Password Reset form in Joomla which also works seamlessly. This will need customization for adding support for the registration form you are using and profile fields it contains.

B] Provision users from Joomla to Azure AD (On the fly user provisioning)

If you want to synchronize all the user operations from Joomla to Azure AD, this is the right solution for you. In this case, the user operations are managed by the Administrator at the Joomla site. So, whenever the administrator creates a user from the Joomla backend, the same user will get created at the Azure AD’s side. Same goes for the other operations as well like user profile update, user deletion. This use case gets extended by configuring specific Joomla roles for the user to be a guest or a member in Azure.

C] Sync all the existing users in Joomla to Azure AD / Azure B2C

Earlier, if you were managing all the users in your Joomla site and currently you have decided to manage them in Azure AD / Azure B2C, then you need to move the users. Joomla Azure Integration can help you with this as well. Here, we don’t get the users’ passwords in plain text from Joomla. So, we create the users in Azure with some random password and send that password to the email addresses of the respective users. When users login to azure with those random passwords for the first time, they will be forced to change their passwords. Accordingly they can have their own passwords in Azure.

D] Maintain all the users in Azure for the Joomla sites and other applications

If you are looking to maintain all the users of your Joomla sites and other applications in a central place like Azure and provide the user registration from one of your Joomla sites, then Joomla Azure Integrator would be the best solution for this. This Single Sign-On (SSO) use case generally gets extended by adding login to all the applications using the Azure AD’s credentials. In this case, Azure AD will be a single source of authentication for all your applications. This will also need customization based on the structure of your registration form.

Note: If you have any other requirements apart from the above mentioned features, we can customize the Joomla Azure AD Integration according to your use case and the user flow.

*There is an additional cost associated with customizations. Please contact us at

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