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Web3 and WordPress: A Winning Combination for Your Business

WordPress Web3 Suite allows you to host your NFT Collection on your WordPress website. Users can visit your NFT Collection on WordPress and purchase it with native or custom crypto tokens. You can have NFT Token Gate exclusive content, so that users who have purchased NFT can access the exclusive content. And with the help of Crypto Portfolio, your users can track their crypto investments that belongs to your business

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Explore the Power of Decentralized Web Technologies and
WordPress for Your Business Growth

wordpress smart contract

Smart Contract

Deploy smart contract that represents your Business on blockchain

wordpress nft minting

NFT Minting

Mint and sell NFTs to manage memberships, event tickets, exclusive access, or as a reward in your Business

wordpress NFT Royalties


With royalties enabled receive regular revenue or give compensation to the artist/creator for NFT resold on secondary market

wordpress web3 wallet login

Wallet Login

Login your users to site with Web3 and their crypto wallet

Token gated content

Gate Content

Provide access to exclusive content to the NFT holders

Token gated membership

Gate Membership

Manage membership of users based on NFTs owned by them

native token

Native Token

Accept payments in the form of crypto currency - ETH, MATIC, Binance, etc


Custom Token

Promote your own custom tokens for the payments on your site and add value to it

wordpress nfts


Let your users track NFTs they have in their wallet from your NFT Collections



Users can get details of your custom token and trade it as well


WordPress NFT Marketplace

  • Deploy NFT Smart Contract best suited for your Business

  • Deploy standard contract with one click or develop and deploy complex smart contract with the help of our expertise

  • Import existing smart contracts into your NFT Marketplace

  • Save on third party platform fees on NFT transactions

  • Save on gas fees with the help of lazy minting and lazy listing

  • Earn royalty on NFT resell

  • Promote NFT purchase with your custom tokens like ERC20, BEP20

  • Establish loyalty program by giving NFTs as reward to your users

wordpress web3 authentication and nft marketplace

NFT Token Gating

Web3 Authentication & NFT Token Gating

  • Enable Login to WordPress using crypto wallets such as metamask, walletconnect, coinbase, phantom, Gamestop, etc

  • Restrict access to WordPress content based on NFTs owned by users

  • Manage roles, memberships based on NFTs of the user

  • Provide access to discounted coupons, coupon affiliate program and other special offers to NFT owners

  • Integrate NFT Gating with different third party plugins including WooCommerce, BuddyBoss, Memberpress, LMS, etc

Crypto Payment

WordPress Crypto Payment

  • Enable payment in crypto currency for your e-commerce, e-learning sites

  • Add value to your custom crypto currency by accepting payment through it

  • Enable crypto payments on WooCommerce, LMS, Memberpress

  • Support for Eth, Matic, Binance, USDC, ERC20, BEP20, etc

wordpress crypto payments

wordpress web3 crypto portfolio
Crypto Portfolio

WordPress Crypto Portfolio

  • Let your users track their crypto investments that belongs to your business

  • Provide analytics to track NFT and FT performance

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