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Key Features

Single Sign-On

Easy and seamless access to all resources. Login using Joomla (SSO) IDP SAML SSO into any SAML 2.0 Applications using Joomla credentials.

Multiple SPs Supported

Allow users to Single Sign-On (Login using Joomla) into multiple applications at once by configuring multiple Service Providers (SP) with Joomla as Identity Provider (IDP)

Compatible with Joomla 4

This plugin is compatible with Joomla 4. You don't need to install a new plugin for Joomla 4. We always keep our plugin updated for compatibility with the latest stable Joomla releases.

Customized Role/Attribute Mapping

Send any customized user profile attribute to your Service Provider for keeping user data consistent across applications.

SAML Request Verification & Response Encryption

Secures transactions of user profile information from Joomla to Service Providers using signature verification and assertion encryption in SAML Response

Single Logout

Allows user to logout once from any service provider even user handling multiple service provider


Login to any SAML SP

Log in to any SAML 2.0 compliant Service Provider (Multiple Applications) using your Joomla credentials.

Easily Configure

Easily configure the SAML IDP by providing just the Issuer, ACS URL / Provider Login URL, and NameID format.

More Secure

Make user login more secure by signing and encrypting response to Service Provider.

Attribute Mapping

Use the Attribute Mapping feature to send attributes assigned to users from your Joomla site to your Service Provider.

Easily Integrate

Easily integrate the login link from your Joomla site for IdP initiated SSO.

Role Mapping

Use the Role Mapping feature to send roles assigned to users from your Joomla site to your Service Provider.

You can enable Single Sign-On (SSO Login) in your SAML Application using Joomla as an Identity Provider. See our integration guides with the most popular Service Providers.

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Keep Users in Joomla Database

Password will be stored in your Joomla Database

Basic Attribute Mapping(User Name , Email)

Default redirect Url after Login

Signed Assertion

Metadata XML File

Configure IDP Using Metadata XML File

Configure IDP Using Metadata URL

Step-by-Step Guide to setup IDP


Select number of users:




Features in Free

Signed response

Encrypted Assertion

Advanced Attribute Mapping

IDP Initiated login

Protect/ customize admin login page

Use your own existing Joomla Sign-up Form

Supports Multiple SPs

Single Logout

Options to select SLO binding type

Role Restriction

Relay Restriction

Generate Custom certificate

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Corporate Plan

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Joomla Customization

Customization Services

We also provide efficient Joomla customization services, where we develop state of the art plugins and extensions for Joomla with custom modifications to cater to all your needs. miniOrange is extremely experienced and efficient in Joomla development and can develop and customize multiple Joomla features to secure Joomla sites and applications.

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24/7 Customer Support

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Strong Domain Expertise

miniOrange is a domain expert in IAM products such as SSO, 2FA, MFA, and custom enterprise solutions.

Custom Development

We offer custom plugins (extensions) that are developed and tailored to your needs.

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