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file restriction in your shopify store using shopify file restriction option

Key Features

Restrict Media Files

Merchants can use our Shopify File Restriction application to automatically restrict any users from accessing any kind of files on the Shopify Store such as images, audio, videos, documents, PDFs, etc.

Domain-based Restrictions

Only users who are members of the same domain have access to the Store. Ensure that only authorized users are accessing your files and that the access is limited to the specific domains.

Extension based Restriction

Limits the types of files that users can access on a network. Prevent users from accessing sensitive information, such as financial data or private documents on your Store.

Session based Restriction

Limit access to Shopify Store based on the user’s session. Limiting the number of simultaneous sessions a user can have so that a single user cannot access the files from multiple devices at the same time.

Tag-based Restriction

Protect Shopify store files based on tags assigned to users. You can use our SSO application using which you can assign tags to users present in your active directory when they SSO into your store.

Membership based Restriction

Restrict access to Shopify store files with membership-based restriction. Only allow membership users to access the files meant for them. Any other user won’t be able to access those files.

NFT based Restriction

NFT based restriction feature can be used to limit access to certain files/Products to specific customers or number of people who can access a file based on the NFT owned by the users in their crypto wallet.

User-based Restriction

Restrict access to Shopify store files with user-based restrictions. Only allow users you want to access those files.

Why Restrict Shopify store files/products to specific users?

Suppose you have a store through which you provide various courses to your registered students. There are various confidential files on your website that shouldn’t be accessible to your students but only to certain people like teachers, admins, etc. At times you would want to grant access to particular course material to specific students based on the tags assigned to them in the Shopify store, their domain, etc. This can be achieved with our Shopify File Restriction application.

Example: You have files in your store that is specific for teachers, students, and admins. Suppose you have created 3 separate files such that all these files are at the same level in the hierarchy and can be accessed by only the authorized user.
If you allow a student to access the student file then he will be able to access only the student file but he won't be able to access other files which in this case are teacher and admin files. Teachers will be able to access only the file meant for teachers. But the admin can access all the files preset on the Shopify store.

file restriction in your shopify store using shopify file restriction option

Restriction Option

Restricting access to restricted files in a Shopify store is an important step in protecting your business’s sensitive information. By utilizing the methods discussed below, you can ensure that only authorized personnel has access to your store’s restricted files.

Access Certain Files/Products

Shopify File Restriction application can be used to set up restrictions that only allow certain customers to access certain files/products. This is especially useful for retailers that want to limit the availability of certain items to specific customer groups, such as VIPs or loyal customers.

Set Minimum Order Quantities

Shopify File Restriction application can be used to set minimum order quantities for certain files/products. This is perfect for organizations that want to ensure that their employees purchase a minimum amount of particular files/products in order to qualify for a discount or special promotion.

Create Geolocation Restrictions

Shopify File Restriction application can be used to create geolocation restrictions, which can be used to limit the availability of certain files/products in certain regions. This is great for store owners who want to ensure that their products are only available in certain countries, states, or cities.

Password Protect files

Allows store owners to password-protect their files so it is only accessible to those who have the required Shopify tags (wholesalers). A great way to control who has access to these files, such as wholesale customers.

Age Restrictions

Shopify File Restriction application allows store owners to restrict access to certain files/products based on the customer’s age. This is useful for merchants selling products that are not intended for minors, such as alcohol and tobacco products.

Get Started in minutes

As a Shopify store owner, where you sell exclusive files, you need to ensure that your files are secure and that only authorized users can access those files. With our Shopify File Restriction application, you can restrict users from accessing certain files in your store to further protect your restricted files. Here’s how to do it in simple steps.

Create a new user group

Create a new user group in Shopify and select the “Restricted Access” option. This will allow you to restrict access to certain files.

Select files to restrict access

Now, select the specific files you want to restrict access to. You can choose from files stored in your store’s file manager, product data, customer data, or any other file stored in Shopify.

Grant access to user group

Once you have selected the specific files you want to restrict access to, you need to give access to the user group you created.

Save your changes

Once you have granted access to the user group, click on the “Save” button to save your changes. Your new user group will now have access to the specific files you selected.

Areas where you can use our application

Everyone needs file protection: Secure your Private Files & Confidential Data Right Away.

For Online Course Providers

Secure teaching materials, including tutorial videos, eBooks, and training PDF files on your membership sites.

For Musicians and artists

Keeps your artwork, e.g. lyrics, ringtone, online comics, and comic character designs away from illegal downloads.

For Companies & Universities

Secure your internal product-related photos, illustrated workflow documentation, marketing images, and internal invoices from competitors.

For your eCommerce Stores

Protect digital products such as photos, recipe videos, printables, graphic art bundles, and coaching packages against non-buyers.

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