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Single Sign-On for HubSpot and Contact Sync (compatible with all tiers)

Single Sign-On for HubSpot keeps your HubSpot Landing pages, and websites safe and Secure with Single Sign-On (SSO). Get HubSpot SSO from miniOrange to quickly add Single Sign-On / Social Login authentication to your HubSpot pages. Provide authenticated users access to your site and track your visitors when they sign-on to your site.

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What is Single Sign-On for HubSpot and Contact Sync?

If you’re looking for a solution to secure login access into your HubSpot website/pages via Social Login or Single Sign-On from third-party applications / Identity Providers like AWS Cognito, WordPress, Okta, OneLogin, Microsoft Azure, etc, solution Single Sign-On for HubSpot by miniOrange for all tiers is available now. You can protect your pages via Single Sign-On, track your visitors, and get many more features.

Password-Protect Your Web Pages For Extra Security!

Login / Single Sign-On

You can enable Social Login / Single Sign-On option on your HubSpot Marketing pages (Landing Pages / Website) to restrict access to authenticated users/visitors

Visitor registration / Auto create contacts while SSO

You can track all your visitors by enabling contact sync feature. Get the visitors basic information who are visiting your pages. You can enable or disable this feature as per your convenience.

Membership / Role based access to pages

With Single Sign-On for HubSpot , you can implement membership-based access control which allows you to restrict access to certain pages on your HubSpot website to members only.

What are the uses of Single Sign-On for HubSpot application?

lead capture using hubspot
Login authentication
Enables Login authentication on your HubSpot websites / landing pages.
protect your pages using hubspot
Lead Capture
Convert visitors/users into Leads and Contacts by letting them login on your landing pages.
identity your users using hubspot
Data Analytics
A powerful tool to help you make the most out of your HubSpot data
manage your users session using hubspot
Manage User session
Allow secure communication between users and your pages. You can allow authenticated users from any identity providers (Google, AWS Cognito, WordPress or any other application) to visit your site / pages.
anyaysis your data using hubspot
Integrate Users Profiles from any Application
Users can be validated in HubSpot from any third party application. You can fetch the user profiles from the third party application and sync into HubSpot.

Transparent, Simple Pricing Plan

14-Days free trial


  •   Protect HubSpot content using Single Sign-on called as Audience Control
  •   Supports any 1 Identity provider application for Single Sign On.
  •   Sync contacts on SSO from Identity Provider to HubSpot
  •   Audit Single Sign-On Logs for contacts to track the visitors.
  • $29/month


    14-Days free trial


  •   All features of the Premium plan plus following
  •   Supports Single Sign On with multiple Identity Providers
  •   Membership List-based access to HubSpot content on Single Sign On.
  •   Single Logout to logout users from Identity Providers as well on Logout from HubSpot CMS.
  • $49/month


    Why should we choose miniOrange?

    miniOrange has an expertise of 10+ year in security domain.
    Starbucks, Nike, Nestle, Al-Nahdi, Nasa are some of our renowned customers.

    customization-hubspot sso

    Support for Customization

    Single Sign-On for HubSpot plugin supports customization in the Single Sign-On (SSO) flow based on your customized IDP or additional requirements.

    easy configuration-hubspot sso

    Easy Configuration

    Configure your IDPs with SSO for HubSpot using minimal settings. End to end configuration, videos & setup guides available.

    active support-hubspot sso

    Active Support

    Just drop an email and support person will reach out to you. Support available via Emails, calls, screenshare sessions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    To set up SSO in HubSpot Starter, follow the steps as outlined in the Single Sign-On for HubSpot and Contact Sync by miniOrange. You can read more here.

    SSO in HubSpot provides users with a single platform for accessing all HubSpot products and services with a single username and password. It also eliminates the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords. Additionally, SSO in HubSpot provides enhanced security, as it requires users to authenticate their identities through a secure process.

    You can use the Single Sign-On solution ( compatible with all tiers ) provided by miniOrange. To activate Single Sign-On (SSO) for all Tiers HubSpot, please follow the instructions given in the setup guide here.

    You can protect / Gate your HubSpot pages so that visitors need to authenticate themselves using an Identity Provider using miniOrange Single Sign-On which works with Starter and Professional plans of HubSpot as well.

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