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Why use Shopify NFT Minting application?

You can easily convert images and GIFs into NFTs using the Shopify NFT Minting app, regardless of your status as a business owner, artist, merchant, or aspiring creator. Additionally, you can sell your NFTs using this application without worrying about minting, distributing, or storing them. With just one click following a sale on your store, the Shopify NFT Minting application enables you to instantly mint purchased NFTs with the support of multiple blockchains.

Key Features

NFT Creation

The Shopify NFT Marketplace allows you to list an unlimited number of NFTs on your Shopify store for the purpose of selling. When a purchase is made, the NFT is minted on the chosen blockchain based on the pricing, and ownership is transferred.

Lazy Minting

Our Shopify NFT Maker enables you to Lazy Mint NFTs on your Shopify Store. This means that the NFT minting process is carried out in Just In Time (JIT). The NFT is available for purchase off-chain on your Shopify Store and is only minted upon purchase. As a result, the seller can avoid paying gas fees to mint their NFT, only after the sale.

Transaction Transparency

In essence, blockchain stores data in separate but interconnected blocks. Data can be retrieved from any block and updated in all blocks. As a result, Blockchain ensures that payments for the Shopify NFT marketplace are transparent and error-free.

Integrate Digital Wallet

It is possible to send, store, and receive cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens by enabling this functionality. For convenience, Shopify NFT marketplace users should be able to connect their preferred wallets.

NFT based login

Allow login from only crypto wallets that have specific NFT OR provide gated content to NFT specific collection. get instant access of your accounts without having to wait for the service provider’s server to respond and log you in. No need for one-time passwords or access codes.

NFT based content restriction

Force users to verify NFT ownership in order to login or register to your website OR browse any content on Shopify like posts, pages, images, videos, docs or other custom content types. Lock content (specific posts or pages) until the user verifies NFT ownership.

Pricing Plan

Experience the Power of our Platform with an Exclusive 15-Day Free Trial, Activate your trial today

Our platform offers a personalized and branded experience, with features such as gift card balance top-up/adjustment, custom criteria on redemption, and unused balance reminders. Businesses can track sales and redemptions, enjoy easy one-click setup and fast support, customize designs, and access an API for developers.

Premium Plan



Mint-on-demand to save costs

Sell NFTs like regular products

Sell, mint, and transfer NFTs

Automatically mint NFTs once an order is confirmed

Note: Exclusive of transaction fee

NFT - Token Gated commerce

NFTs are used as access tokens in Token Gated commerce, granting exclusive ownership, exclusive access to products, discounts, or collections, and rights to specific digital content or experiences. You can select specific NFTs that can benefit from the Shopify NFT Minting application, such as:

  • Access to your online store's collections, products, and discounts is restricted
  • Access to collaborative products and collections via store collaborations
  • Access to community engagement channels such as Discord channels and communities, live events, airdrops, and retail store activations
  • Limited editions of digital artwork can be sold by artists and creators, giving them exclusive access to high-resolution versions, behind-the-scenes content, and even virtual exhibitions
  • Musicians can release limited-edition albums or tracks, giving fans exclusive access to previously unreleased songs or concert experiences
Shopify NFT Minting - Shopify NFT marketplace - Sell NFT on Shopify - NFT Token Gated Commerce

What kinds of NFTs can you sell on our Shopify NFT Marketplace?

Texts and posts on social media

As NFT types, texts, and social media posts are becoming more popular. This means that people with a large social media following can now sell an authentic NFT photo of one of their posts (such as a tweet).

Digital Artwork

Without a doubt, digital art is the most common type of NFT today. You've probably seen NFT artwork sell for exorbitant prices. These NFTs are typically part of a limited edition collection.

NFTs in gaming

In a nutshell, gaming NFTs allow players to obtain a variety of digital in-game assets. These assets could be an item or a character's skin (or even the character itself).

Digitize Real Estate

Did you know that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be used to encrypt real assets and intellectual property in a variety of contexts? This category includes real estate, e-tickets, domain names, and other items.

Use one Smart Contract to manage multiple NFTs

NFTs can have a variety of assets, names, and supplies, and no two NFTs are alike. Merchants can generate multiple NFT collections, NFT variants, and so on using our Shopify NFT Minting application. Do you have a Shopify store and want to sell NFTs? To add our Shopify NFT Minting app, click here.

Selling and minting NFTs on Shopify is similar to selling any other product on Shopify. Because NFTs are digital goods, they can be made available to your customers right away. You can define the NFT collections, NFT Variants, and assets represented by your NFTs for the blockchain of your choice using the Shopify NFT Minting application. To sell and mint NFTs through your Shopify store, all you need is a cryptocurrency wallet.

Shopify NFT Minting - Shopify NFT marketplace - Sell NFT on Shopify - one smart contract to manage multiple NFTs
Shopify NFT Minting - Shopify NFT marketplace - Sell NFT on Shopify - Track your NFT Status

List NFTs like regular products

Setting up NFT listings for sale is as simple as setting up any other Shopify product with our NFT Minting application. Choose a name, set the inventory and price, and then list the NFT - the same NFT will be created as a product in the Shopify Store.

Track your NFT status

From one dashboard, you can keep track of your inventory, NFT mint status, NFT ownership transfer status, and delivery of each NFT.

No blockchain knowledge is required

The entire process is seamless within the normal Shopify experience, and you or your customers do not need to have a technical understanding of blockchain. To create, sell, and mint NFT on your Shopify store, all you need is a Crypto Wallet.

How to Sell NFTs on Shopify?

Once our Shopify NFT Minting app is added to your store, you’re ready to go. With so much being automated, you can start selling and delivering NFTs in minutes.


List your NFTs as products in Shopify

Shopify NFT Minting - Shopify NFT marketplace - Sell NFT on Shopify - List NFT as products
Configure your NFT listings in the application dashboard the same way you would any other product in your store.


Display the products in your store

Shopify NFT Minting - Shopify NFT marketplace - Sell NFT on Shopify - Display product in your store
You can view the NFT as a product in the Shopify Store once the listing is complete and the NFT is live.


Each order is processed automatically

Shopify NFT Minting - Shopify NFT marketplace - Sell NFT on Shopify - order is processed automatically
The admin or end user can mint the NFT from the application dashboard or the Shopify orders page respectively.


Track the NFT's status in the order section

Shopify NFT Minting - Shopify NFT marketplace - Sell NFT on Shopify - Track NFT status
Track each NFT that is minted and sent to your customers from the Orders History section of the NFT Minting application

Frequently Asked Questions

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are one-of-a-kind digital tokens that cannot be replaced. They are issued on a blockchain, similar to Ethereum. These tokens can represent any digital content, including art, animated stickers, music, videos, Tweets, and more.

No, it makes no difference whether you have a Shopify Plus or a non-Plus store. You can use our app in either type of store. To build your token-gated experience, please contact us at

A Shopify NFT minting app is a Shopify app that allows users to create and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in their shopify store despite any blockchain currencies. The Shopify NFT minting app simplifies the process of minting (creating) NFTs and allows merchants to sell them directly through their Shopify stores.

Using a Shopify NFT minting application provides several advantages, including integration with a well-established e-commerce platform, a streamlined minting and ownership transfer process, seamless storefront integration, and access to a larger audience.

Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Flow, and Polygon (formerly Matic Network) are some popular blockchain networks for NFT minting and transactions. These networks provide the infrastructure and standards required for the creation, storage, and trading of NFTs.

Fees for using a Shopify NFT minting application can vary depending on the application or integration you select. In general, the price includes the application fee, which is $29, as well as the minting fee per NFT mint.

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