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What is the importance of the WordPress 2FA plugin?

Enhance Your WordPress Login Security, Stay Safe

WordPress 2FA - WP 2FA - google authentication plugin

WordPress holds about 64.7% of the CMS market share. This also means that it is attacked more than the others. To protect sites against such a high volume of attacks WordPress 2FA is widely used. It is easy to adopt, highly compatible and economical. Our WordPress 2FA plugin provides 15+ two-factor authentication methods such as Google Authenticator, OTP over SMS, OTP over email, Push Notifications, Security Questions and other 2FA methods for secure login into the WordPress site.

How to enable WordPress 2FA or Two-Factor Authentication Plugin?

Getting Started With Two-Factor Authentication In No Time

Our WordPress 2FA or Two Factor Authentication plugin while very effective against cyber attacks is also extremely easy to use. You simply need to install and activate the miniOrange 2-factor authentication plugin from the WordPress marketplace and configure it as per your requirements. We offer 15+ 2FA methods including but not limited to Google Authenticator, OTP over multiple methods, Push Notifications and Security Questions. Our Wordpress 2FA plugin will help secure your site and reduce the security.

Why Should You Purchase Our WordPress Two-Factor Authentication(WordPress 2FA) Plugin?

A Glimpse Of Amazing Key-Features provided in WordPress Two-Factor Authentication Plugin

WordPress two-factor authentication(wp 2fa) - WordPress 2FA - google authenticator - Force Two Factor Authentication For Users

Force Two Factor Authentication For Users

The WordPress 2FA - WordPress Two-Factor Authentication plugin notifies users to secure their WordPress account by prompting a 2FA configuration setup during user enrollment. The user is forced to configure two factor authentication

WordPress 2FA - WP 2FA - custom sms gateway

Custom SMS Gateway

The admin can configure and use their own SMS gateway in case you don't want to use the SMS gateway provided by our miniorange WordPress Two-Factor WordPress 2FA plugin.

WordPress two-factor authentication(wp 2fa) - google authenticator - Back-Up Log In Methods

Back-Up Log In Methods

miniOrange WordPress two factor authentication WordPress 2FA or WordPress Two-Factor Authentication plugin also has multiple backup methods to login in case you are logged out of your account.

WordPress two-factor authentication(wp 2fa) - google authenticator - Multiple WordPress Website Support

Multiple WordPress Website Support

Configure WordPress Two Factor Authentication WordPress 2FA plugin for one website and use the same 2FA configuration for other websites.

WordPress two-factor authentication(wp 2fa) - google authenticator - Customizable Login UI Popup

Customizable Login UI Popup

Using the WordPress 2FA or WordPress Two-Factor Authentication plugin, you can customize the user interface of the login popup as per your preference. Do away with the logo already present or better, have your own logo in it's place.

WordPress two-factor authentication(wp 2fa) - google authenticator - Device Restriction

Device Restriction

The device restriction feature of the two-factor authentication WordPress 2FA - WordPress Two-Factor Authentication plugin allows you to restrict users’ access to another device.

WordPress 2FA(wp 2fa) - google authenticator - Password-less Authentication

Password-less Authentication

With the WordPress 2FA plugin, the user can be authenticated directly with the second layer of security without entering the password. You can opt between a password and 2FA or only 2FA.

WordPress 2FA(wp 2fa) - WordPress Google Authenticator  - Auto login Users

Prevent Account Sharing

The WordPress Two-Factor authentication or WordPress 2FA plugin restricts users from sharing WordPress login credentials which help to secure the websites. The WordPress 2FA plugin also adds a session control feature that limits user sessions based on WordPress user activities.

WordPress 2FA(wp 2fa) - WordPress Google authenticator - risk-based access

Risk-Based Access

The Two-Factor Authentication / WordPress 2FA plugin is placed on top of WordPress which decides if a user can be authenticated without the need for two factor when the user tries to log in from a trusted device, location or time.

Integrate Two-Factor Authentication With Any Forms

All Popular Available Integrations

Our WordPress 2FA or WordPress Two-Factor Authentication plugin is compatible with 80+ Login and Registration Forms, themes and LMS support and provides easy integration for LearnDash, LifterLMS, User Pro, Theme My Login Ajax, etc. Contact us at for any query.

WordPress 2FA Plan & Pricing

Upgrade Your Security Today With A Preferred Plan

Don't let your budget jeopardize your Security. With miniOrange 2FA, we've got a plan for everyone, ensuring that your WordPress site is protected. Choose a plan that best suits your need! Contact us at for any query.


Lifetime 2FA For 3 Users


wordpress 2fa - google authentticator - authy/microsoft

2FA Using Any Methods (Google/Microsoft/Authy Authenticator etc.)

wordpress 2fa - otp over SMS

OTP Over Email/SMS*

wordpress 2fa - login with backup code

Login With Backup Code

wordpress 2fa - grace period for users to configure 2FA

Grace Period for Users To Configure 2FA

wordpress 2fa - login with any configured method

Login With Any Configured Method

wordpress 2fa - 2fa supported on popular login forms

2FA Supported on popular Login forms


2FA For Unlimited Users


2FA on no. of sites :

wordpress 2fa - all features in free plan

All Features In FREE Plan

wordpress 2fa - role-based 2fa policies

Role-Based 2FA Policies

wordpress 2fa - enable and disable 2fa for users

Enable Disable 2FA for Users

wordpress 2fa - unlimited email transaction

Unlimited Email Transactions

wordpress 2fa - backup login methods

Backup Login Methods - OTP Over Email Or Security Question

wordpress 2fa - custom SMS gateway supported for 2FA using SMS

Custom SMS Gateway Supported For 2FA Using SMS


2FA For Unlimited Users


2FA on no. of sites :

wordpress 2fa - starter plan features

All Features In STARTER Plan

wordpress 2fa - wordpress default, woocommerce and ultimate memberlogin

2FA Supported On WordPress Default, WooCommerce and Ultimate Member Login Forms

wordpress 2fa - 2FA Supported On All Registration Forms

2FA Supported On All Registration Forms

wordpress 2fa - skip 2fa for trusted device

Skip 2FA For Trusted Devices

wordpress 2fa - login with username + 2FA(Passwordless Login)

Login With Username + 2FA (Passwordless Login)

wordpress 2fa - restrict silultaneous multiple session

Restrict Simultaneous Multiple Sessions

wordpress 2fa - completely customize email template

Completely customize email templates/notifications

wordpress 2fa - customize email template/notification

Customize 2FA prompts to match it with WordPress theme

wordpress 2fa - translate interface into your language

Translate interface into your language

wordpress 2fa - Use your brand on 2FA prompts

Use your brand on 2FA prompts


2FA For Unlimited Users


2FA on no. of sites :

wordpress 2fa - features in enterprise plan

All Features In ENTERPRISE Plan

wordpress 2fa - 2fa supported in all login forms

2FA Supported On All Login Forms

wordpress 2fa - prevent credential sharing

Prevent Credential Sharing

wordpress 2fa - option to reconfigure 2FA for users

Option To Reconfigure 2FA For Users

wordpress 2fa - OTP Over whatsApp Addon

OTP Over WhatsApp Add-on

More than 5 sites? Reach out to us at with no. of sites and get a quote.

Detailed Feature Comparison Of Plans

Compare What you get In Every Plan WordPress 2FA or WordPress Two-Factor Authentication Plans

  Unlimited Users
Lifetime 2FA For 3 Users
Authentication Methods
  TOTP Based Authenticators
Security Questions
Email Verification Via Link
OTP Over Email
OTP Over SMS (Check SMS Transactions Pricing )
Yubikey (Hardware Token)
OTP Over Whatsapp (Add-on)
OTP Over Telegram
  Passwordless Login
  Personalization/White labelling
  Configure Any SMS Gateway
  Login With Backup Methods
  Skip 2FA For Trusted Devices
  Short Codes
  Restrict Simultaneous Multiple Sessions
  Advance Wordpress Login Settings
Page Restriction
  Multi-Site Support
Upto 3 subsites Upto 3 subsites Upto 3 subsites Upto 3 subsites
  Language Translation Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use the miniOrange WordPress 2FA plugin?

WordPress 2FA is essential for WordPress security. Basically, anyone who wants to secure their WordPress site in a few easy steps should use the miniOrange Two-Factor authentication plugin.

Is the pricing for WordPress 2FA yearly?

Yes, WordPress 2FA or Wordpress 2-factot authentication plugin’s license plans are on a yearly subscription basis. You will be required to renew your license every year. We will also send you reminders a few weeks before the renewal comes due. You can buy a license for multiple years and renew it as well.

Is WordPress 2FA or WP 2FA plugin Free?

Yes, miniOarane Wordpress 2FA or WP 2FA plugins free version is available to use. However on upgrading to premium you unlock tons of amazing features.

Do I need coding skills to use WordPress 2FA Plugin?

No. You can use the WordPress 2FA plugin to its full potential without requiring any coding/technical knowledge. The in-built setup wizard and on-fly registrations make it quick and easy to use.

Which plans should I go for if I require ‘Unlimited users’?

We offer multiple plans that provide unlimited users. Depending on your needs, you can go for our All-inclusive/Business.

Does WordPress have 2FA?

Yes, WordPress does have 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) functionality available through various plugins. With 2FA enabled, users are required to provide two forms of identification before gaining access to their accounts, typically a password and a secondary code sent to their mobile device or generated through an authenticator app.

Can I upgrade my plan later on?

Absolutely! You can upgrade your plan at any time. When you upgrade an existing plan you pay only the difference amount.

Does miniOrange offer technical support?

Yes, we provide 24*7 support for any and all issues you might face while using the plugin. This includes technical support and help with the plugin installation from our developers. You can get prioritized support based on the Annual Support Plan you have opted for. Check out the different Support Plans here.

Do you support custom login forms in WordPress 2FA Plugin?

Yes! We support all types of Custom Login Forms in our All-Inclusive/Bussiness Plan.

Can I use the license in my staging environment also for testing?

Yes, you can use the same license key in your staging and testing environment as well. You need to just free the license key from testing and can use the staging and vice versa.You can refer to this detailed guide for the steps.

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