Two Factor Authentication for Joomla

Joomla 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) plugin provides an additional layer of protection to secure your Joomla accounts. You can also configure Passwordless login based on Email or OTP. It is a highly secure and easy to setup plugin which protects your site from unauthorized login attempts

Two-Factor Authentication for Joomla

About Us

The most effective way to protect your employees or users is through the use of Joomla Two Factor Authentication. Passwords are everywhere, we use them to access anything and everything. At first, we used one password for everything but that wasn’t good enough so we started making our passwords more complicated with a combination of numbers, uppercase/lowercase letters & even special characters. Many people use password managers to organize dozens or hundreds of unique passwords. By Using miniOrange 2FA Plugin, you add an additional layer of protection for your employees and users against unauthorized logins.

Key Features

Two-Factor Authentication

Provides Two-Factor Authentication during login via a range of methods, including text message, hardware tokens and many more

Array of Features

Enforcing 2FA for all the users in your site. Backup methods such as Security Questions, Backup codes and many more

Passwordless Login

Allow users to log in using Username and an OTP, thus preventing the need to enter Password

Role Based 2FA

You can enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for specific roles. 2FA will be invoked according to the configurations you have saved

Domain Based 2FA

You can enable the second-factor authentication (2FA) for specific domains. 2FA will invoke according if the user belongs to the configured domain


You can customize Email and SMS templates to send the OTP/Notification. You can also customize the length and expiry time of the OTP


Strong Authentication

Provides an extra layer of protection alongside your username and password, and protects you from unauthorised logins. Protect yours users from malicious hackers

Strong Authentication
All Phones Supported

All Phones Supported

We support all types of phones are such as Smart Phones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry), Basic Phones, Landlines, etc

Compatible with Joomla 3 & 4

This plugin is compatible with both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4. You don't need to install a new plugin for Joomla 4. We always keep our plugin updated for compatibility with the latest stable Joomla releases

Compatible with Joomla 3 & 4
Deploy Quickly

Deploy Quickly

Easy to setup and deploy in your joomla environment. It can be deployed for your entire userbase in minutes

24 & 7 Support

We provide world class continuous support and answer to all your queries and questions if you have any

24 & 7 Support
Highly Secure

Highly Secure

If your phone is lost or stolen, we offer alternate login methods like OTP Over Email and Security Questions, and if your phone is offline, you can use an one time passcode generated by your app to login

Supported Methods

Authenticator Apps

Authenticator Apps

OTP over SMS

OTP over SMS

OTP over Email

OTP over Email

Security Questions

Security Questions

Push Notification

Push Notification

Hardware Token

Hardware Token

Choose your Plan


For 1 User

Try for Free

Supports all the languages

Backup security questions (KBA)

Add your own KBA/Security questions

Enable login by email address

Redirect URL (After login)

Change app name in Google Authenticator app

Customize Email Templates

Customize SMS Templates

Customize OTP length and validity

Remember Device (available soon)


For 1+ User

All features in Free +

Role based 2FA

Enforce 2FA registration for users

Select 2FA methods to be configure by end users

Passwordless Login

IP specific 2FA (Whitelisting IP Address)

End to End 2FA Integration**

User Based 2fa

Language Translation Support

Password Less Login

Custom SMS Gateway

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Strong Domain Expertise

miniOrange is a domain expert in IAM products such as SSO, 2FA, and MFA, as well as customised enterprise solutions.

Custom Feature Development

We offer custom plugins (extensions) that are tailored to your needs.

One-Stop Security Solution

We have got your website security needs covered - from 2FA and MFA to SSO and IAM - we have a solution for all your needs.

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