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Paid Memberships Pro Integrator | Paid Membership Pro SSO Login

Key Features

Paid Memberships Pro group mapping

Map the IdP group information of your users to the Paid Membership Pro groups.

Multiple IDP support

Allows you to configure membership level assignment for every IDP configured for Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO for Paid Memberships Pro users

Enable SSO on your WordPress site for yourPaid Memberships Pro users.

Note: Paid Memberships Pro Integrator Addon is included in All Inclusive version of WordPress SAML SSO Plugin and WordPress OAuth SSO Plugin along with other addons.


Content restriction
  • Mapping IDP attributes to the respective Membership levels enables restricting specific content to specific user groups and your Paid Membership Pro membership levels.
  • You can configure your Paid Membership Pro site to only allow certain membership levels access to certain content/features within your membership site which can truly provide an elite experience to your users.

Selective discounts
  • Assigning different Membership levels based on the IdP attributes helps in providing various discount offers to various Paid Membership Pro membership level users depending on their user groups in your IDP.
  • This allows you to configure your membership site to be in such a way that only users in certain membership levels will be able to avail those discounts on the features/benefits your membership site provides.

Paid Memberships Pro Membership Mapping

  • miniOrange Paid Memberships Pro Integrator allows you to assign membership levels to your users based on their groups in your Identity Provider.
  • For example, you have two Paid Memberships Pro membership levels - PMLevel1 and PMLevel2, and two user groups in your IDP - group1 and group2. Using WordPress Paid Memberships Pro Integrator, you would be able to assign users of group1 to PMLevel1 when they perform SSO into your Paid Memberships Pro site. Similarly, users of group2 can be assigned PMLevel2.
  • User Group Sync: Membership levels in Paid Memberships Pro would be updated based on the user’s IDP group every time the user performs SSO, allowing you to maintain consistency in user information and secure access to your site.
  • Default Membership Assignment: If a user from unmapped groups in your IDP SSOs into Paid Memberships Pro site, that user will be automatically assigned a default PMLevel.
  • Multiple Role Assignment: You can assign one PMLevel to users from multiple roles in their IDP.

Multiple IDP Support

  • miniOrange Paid Memberships Pro Integrator supports multiple IDPs, which means you can configure PMLevels based on the user's IDP group, for each IDP individually.
  • For example, if you have groups PMLevel1 and PMLevel2 in your Paid Memberships Pro, and have users stored in IDPs like Okta and Azure AD, where Okta has user group group1 and Azure AD has groups group2 and group3. You can assign PMPro groups in such a way that group1 users from Okta can be assigned PMLevel1, and group2 & group3 users in Azure AD can be assigned PMLevel2 in Paid Memberships Pro when they perform SSO.
  • Default Membership Mapping: In addition, miniOrange Paid Memberships Pro Integrator also has default membership mapping for all IDPs. For example, you want users from Azure AD with user group group1 to be assigned PMLevel2 and all other users, no matter what their IDP is, to be assigned PMLevel1. This can be achieved by the Default Mapping for IDPs.

Integration with any SAML 2.0/OAuth IDP

  • Support for enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) for Paid Memberships Pro users, using either our SAML or OAuth/OpenID Connect plugin solutions.
  • Choose from any of the most popular SAML 2.0 or OAuth compliant Identity Providers in the market like Okta, ADFS, Salesforce, Azure AD, Azure B2C, Google Apps (GSuite/Google Workspace), miniOrange, Keycloak, Shibboleth, Ping, and more, for seamless integration with your Paid Memberships Pro site!

Follow the step by step guide to configure Paid Memberships Pro Integrator with SAML /OAuth Client Single Sign On (SSO) Plugin

Paid-Membership-Pro-Integrator-saml-ssoFollow the step by step guide for using the add-on with SAML plugin.

  • miniOrange Paid Memberships Pro Integrator allows you to map the Paid Memberships Pro - membership levels based on the attributes sent by the Identity Provider.
    Your IDP will map the following attributes while performing SSO.
  • WordPress Paid Memberships Pro Integration | Paid Membership Pro Plugin |Testconfig window
    Note: You can check the list of Attributes sent by the IDP by clicking on the Test Configuration button in Service Provider Setup tab of the plugin.

  • The attribute userType contains the Membership level information for the user. You can follow the steps below to map this to Paid Memberships Pro - Membership levels:
    • Go to Attribute/Role Mapping tab of miniOrange SAML SP SSO Enterprise plugin.
    • Under Attribute Mapping section, provide the Group/Role value as userType and click on Save button.
    • WordPress Paid Memberships Pro Integration | Paid Membership Pro Plugin |Attribute mapping
    • Now, navigate to Paid Memberships Pro Integrator add-on.
    • You have two Paid Memberships Pro - Membership levels, member-a and member-b and you want to map the SSO users to these membership levels based on the value of userType attribute as sent by the IDP.
    • WordPress Paid Memberships Pro Integration | Paid Membership Pro Plugin |Paid Membership pro tab
    • As per the above mapping, while performing SSO, any user having userType attribute’s value as member-A1 or member-A2 will be added to member-a Paid Memberships Pro - Membership levels and any user having userType attribute’s value as member-B1 will be added to member-b Paid Memberships Pro - Membership levels.

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