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Shopify LMS Integration

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Sell your eLearning and training courses on Shopify

Integrate the Shopify e-Commerce Platform with your learning management system, create a professional storefront for your learning products, and begin selling your training online on the Shopify store itself in no time. Sell your training materials directly through the Shopify store using our application, and automatically enroll users in courses they purchased through your Shopify store.

Content restriction for Shopify

Exclusive Features

Some of the exclusive features you will get using Shopify LMS application are

Secure SSO

Provides real-time Single Sign-On (SSO) access to students, teachers, employees, and others without requiring them to leave their existing user stores such as Federated Identity Providers, OAuth / OpenID Providers, Active Directory / LDAP, GSuite/Google Apps, and so on.

Insights and Analytics

Shopify has powerful built-in tracking and reporting tools, meaning you can gain insight into everything that happens within your Shopify accounts. Get automatic notifications for comprehensive analytics that will give you a more complete picture of your target customers, from sales to usage.


Students are automatically enrolled in Shopify when a new course is purchased in the Shopify Platform. Students are also enrolled in courses that are later purchased. This reduces errors associated with incorrect course assignments to users.

Shopify LMS Integration - stream your courses online

A Powerful Front-end
Course Builder

With a simple drag-and-drop front-end course builder, you can create, develop, and scale your online courses in Shopify. Everything is at your fingertips to make the course-creation process as simple as possible. A code-free and error-free experience.

Other Features

Data tracking

Learning professionals can track a learner's journey through stored data, which allows them to better understand how the courses and learners are performing all in one place. Users can better track and design their learning programs as a result of this.

Automated alerts and notifications

Using our application you can provide feedback to the right people at the right time by sending auto-alerts to learners about their training deadlines or notifying trainers about a user's completion rates.

Centralized learning materials

Capable of storing videos, slide decks, written instruction, and other learning materials in a centralized, user-friendly location. Centralized learning materials enable users to stay organized and consistent, which are two critical components of increasing learner engagement.

Smart scheduling tools

Instructors can offer their learners multiple dates and times for their training sessions using our smart scheduling tool. This adaptability benefits learners by ensuring they have access to critical training when it is convenient for them, rather than expecting them to juggle multiple tasks while learning new skills.

Live streaming

Go live with your Shopify store, inform your customers about your merchandise, interact with them in real-time, and allow them to make purchases during your Livestream! The shopping cart becomes accessible during the live video session when our application is added to your Shopify store, providing an incredible shopping experience.

Zoom webinar

Using our application educators and life coaches can stream lectures, seminars, and webinars live, fitness instructors can stream classes, and experts run workshops on a range of topics on zoom. Live streaming has a huge advantage over video on demand in that it allows you to interact with your viewers in real time.

Token Gating

You can limit access to specific Courses on the website based on the NFT balance that is available in the user wallet by using NFT-based gated content. Web3.0 authenticates visitors' ownership of their cryptocurrency wallets when they log in to the Store using one. Access to restricted Courses is permitted if the wallet contains the designated NFT collection.

Restricted downloads

If some users are downloading your course materials—such as videos or files—using online tools and sharing them with other users. Using our application, you can create and sell online courses on your Shopify store that contain text, images, videos, and other content while preventing unauthorized users from downloading the secured course content.

Authentication (SSO Access)

Keep your courses on the Shopify store private and secure by allowing only the users present in your IDP to access those courses. Any external users won’t be able to access any course of your Shopify store.

Assessment tools

Our application is compatible with a wide range of assessment tools, such as exam engines, simulations, and branching scenarios. Along with these assessments, we allows trainers to provide immediate feedback to their students.

Buy for others

You can buy a course using this feature and give your friends, family members, and other acquaintances access to it. Once the course has been successfully purchased, you can enter the recipient's email address to grant them access.

User management

Control and oversee each student's activities by enrolling them in courses and monitoring their progress.

  • Float profile side menu for the users
  • Enroll students in the course
  • Co-instructors for the courses
  • Track the course progress
Shopify LMS Integration - user management

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