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User Provisioning and Sync for Joomla

Create, update, and delete users in real-time ensuring that user information remains accurate and synchronized between Joomla and IDPs such as Azure AD, Okta, GSuite/ Google Apps / Google Workspace, Keycloak, Centrify, One Login, PingOne, Jumpcloud, miniOrange, etc.

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Joomla User Provisioning and User Sync

What is User Provisioning?

User Provisioning/User Account Provisioning is an Identity Access Management (IAM) process that ensures employee/user accounts are created, updated, deleted, and given proper access across multiple applications and systems at the same time. User information such as name, attributes, group name, and other associated data are available through account and access management, which allows you to grant or prohibit access based on your needs.

Supported Methods for User Provisioning

SCIM User Provisioning

System for Cross-domain Identification Management (SCIM) is an open standard that helps to automate the user identity lifecycle management process. SCIM Provisioning helps in establishing communication between Joomla and various Service Providers. Once SCIM Provisioning is integrated, 'Create,' 'Update,' and 'Delete' operations conducted in Joomla are automatically synchronized with the SPs (Azure, KeyCloak, Okta, OneLogin, and more).

SCIM User Provisioning plugin for Joomla
User Sync Integration plugins with popular IdPs for Joomla

User Sync Integrations

minOrange provides Joomla integrations with multiple Identity providers (IAM platforms), such as Azure AD, Okta, Discord, Salesforce, Keycloak, and more. We also provide integrations with other plugins like Community Builder, Easy Profile, and various forms. These integrations enable you to extend the functionality of your Joomla website and integrate with other systems on any platform.

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