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Key Features

IP Blocking

You can get network traffic details with traffic monitoring, and if you suspect a request coming from a specific IP is malicious, you can block that IP address (which includes both automatic- based on user behavior and manual IP blocking) from accessing the website.

Country Blocking

The vast majority of website attacks originate in a specific country. If your website is being bombarded with SPAM or hacking attempts from visitors or bots from specific countries, you can block those attempts. Using the Shopify Block Country feature you can restrict access to your Shopify Store based on the user’s country or geolocation.

Restrict even if JS is disabled

miniOrange Firewall - Country, IP restriction provides you with a feature to restrict unwanted traffic from different countries and IPs where their solution is not based on whether the user's Js is disabled or not, it does not affect the functioning of the application.

IP Whitelisting

Whitelist selected IPs to restrict your Store only to selected users. Create a store only for your internal employees by whitelisting your company’s IP address or by whitelisting all the employee's IP addresses.

Prevent your store from known frauds

Some common cyber frauds have their source from the same countries, hence you can protect your Store from such countries by blocking network traffic originating from such countries.

Get detailed Analytics Report

Get detailed analytics report on metrics such as User activity (times and lengths of sessions), User’s device information (model and operating system), Geographic location, unique number of users

VPN Block

Block users trying to access your store using a VPN to avoid malicious traffic on your Store. Users can access your region specific stores using a VPN, however using our Shopify VPN Restriction feature you can easily block such users keeping your store away from spammers or hackers.

Redirect or Block users based on their Geolocation

With Shopify Block Countries feature, you can block the countries where you don’t ship your products or redirect users to the Shopify Store made for their country based on their Geolocation. Allow access only to those countries where you ship your products.

Domain redirects

Customers can be redirected to a specific URL on a different domain or to local versions of your store based on their country or geolocation.

Another method for protecting Your Shopify Store from cyber security threats is to monitor the network traffic that enters the Store. Limiting login attempts/Restricting Shopify Store access is a method of preventing IP addresses from repeatedly requesting a web server or performing the same action within a time zone. If the traffic monitor indicates that the server receives too many requests from a single IP address in a given time period, you will restrict the behaviour of a request. This will keep hackers out of your website. You can also use the IP Blocking feature to prevent all users from accessing your Store via VPN and to prevent requests from malicious IPs. Most malicious hacks originate in the same region; you can block IP addresses based on their geolocation to avoid such requests from these targeted regions.

Why needed OTP verification on login of Shhopify account
Why needed OTP verification on login of Shhopify account

Consider some cases where the store owner is not able to ship his or her store's product to some country. Keeping this in mind, the miniOrange Shopify IP Whitelisting & Country Block application can block users from multiple countries from accessing the store. The app specializes in blocking unwanted countries where the store owner does not want his or her store products to be exposed to a specific location or IP range. The Shopify IP Whitelisting & Shopify Country Block feature assists the store owner in blocking all unwanted visitors.

For example, if an online retailer is only operating in his or her home country and receiving orders from countries where the product cannot be shipped, he or she can use the Shopify Firewall - IP Block application to block all countries.

As another example, suppose you own a company and run a Shopify store where you sell your products. People from all over the world are accessing your Shopify store. You want to keep your store exclusive to your company's employees, and you want to allow access from a specific set of IPs while restricting access from other IPs.

As a business owner, you want to get the most out of every dollar you spend. That’s why it’s important to have access to analytics that can help you understand how customers interact with your store. With the right analytics application, you can track key metrics such as visitor activity, sales performance, and even customer behavior.

Shopify has a powerful analytics application that helps you gain insights into your store’s performance. With our Shopify analytics application, you can monitor your store’s metrics in real-time, giving you the power to make better decisions for your business.

Why needed OTP verification on login of Shhopify account
Why needed OTP verification on login of Shhopify account

The Shopify analytics application provides information on customer activity, including the total number of visitors, page views, and average time spent. This data allows you to identify patterns and trends in customer behavior, so you can make relevant changes to your store.

You can also use our Shopify analytics application to track important metrics like customer acquisition, conversion rates, and sales performance. With this data, you can make informed decisions about how to optimize your store for the best possible results.

Finally, our Shopify analytics application also provides insights into customer segmentation and customer lifetime value. This data gives you the ability to target specific customer segments for marketing campaigns and promotions, and to identify high-value customers who are likely to make repeat purchases.



  •   Block Multiple Countries
  •   Block Single IP
  •   Redirect URL for blocked users
  •   Various Content Protection features
  • Free



  •   Block Multiple Countries
  •   Block Multiple IP
  •   Whitelist Multiple IP
  •   Redirect URL for blocked users
  •   Content Protection
  •   Block access from VPN
  • $9.99/month



    Easy to Configure

    Easily setup the Firewall IP restrict application on your store and start restricting visitors from specific IPs.

    Personalise the web template

    Add your custom message on the page blocked by you for other users. Change the theme of the blocked message template as per your store’s theme.

    Mobile Support

    All types of phones are supported by Smart Phones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry), Basic Phones, Landlines, etc.

    Language Translation Support

    We provides multi language support. You can easily enable language translation for Your Shopify Store.

    24*7 Support

    Direct interaction with the developer team to resolve login security concerns.

    Real Time Control

    Alert or terminate the user session if the user performs any forbidden action.

    Customer Reviews

        This app works great for blocking countries! I upgraded to the premium and it works excellent to block VPNs. I have a VPN and I tested several different countries and it worked perfectly. Support is also great and very speedy.
        Service attitude is super good, even if the language, but still can help me to solve the problem, very good, worth recommending.
        This company's customer service is very commendable. I had issues with bots ravaging my site and reached out to them. I am very impressed with their service and communication. Thanks a lot to Manish as well.

    Step-by-Step Guide for configuring Shopify Firewall Application

    Pre-requisite : Shopify Firewall Application

    miniOrange Provides Shopify Firewall - IP Restriction, IP Whitelisting & Country Blocking Feature through this application.

    Step 1: Install and setup App

    • Install Shopify Firewall Application by clicking on Add app button on Shopify App Store.
    • Click on Install app button at right top or right bottom of thescreen to proceed with installation

    Step 2: Configure Country Block and IP Restriction settings

    • Search and select the country name in the Block Country Settings section as shown below to block the visitors from that country to access your Shopify store.
    • shopify firewall ip restrict - block countries - Country Blocking in Shopify Store
    • If you want to restrict visitors from specific IP then enter that IP in the IP Block section as shown below. You can also restrict visitors from multiple IPs from accessing your store then add these in IP Block section.
    • shopify firewall ip restrict - block countries - Block Specific Range of IP's
    • If you want to allow visitors from specific IP then enter that IP in the Whitelist IP section as shown below. You can also aloow visitors from multiple IPs to accessing your store then add these IPs in Wishlist IP section.
    • shopify firewall ip restrict - block countries - Block Specific Range of IP's
    • If you want to redirect the blocked countries/IP to any particular link then enter that URL in the Redirect Block Section as shown below. (If you leave it blank, user will be redirected to Access Denied Page)
    • shopify firewall ip restrict - block countries - redirected url
    • In the Content Protection Settings Section, you can enable various restriction features such as Disable Right Click, Protect Text, Protect Image, Protect Background Image, Disable Keyboard Shortcuts and Block access from VPN.
    • shopify firewall ip restrict - block countries - protection image
    • After configuring the settings, click on the Save button to enable the restrictions on your shopify store.

    Step 3: How to upgrade?
    • Navigate to the Upgrade section in the Firewall application, and click on the Upgrade button in the Enterpise section.
    • shopify firewall ip restrict - block countries
    Step 4: Get complete Analytics report of your store
    • Navigate to the Analytics section present in the left navigation menu.
    • analytics report section - shopify firewall ip restrict application
    • Here you can view the complete analytics report of your store such as total views, unique IP requests, unique store visits, uniqie countries, and so on.

    Step 5: Inject code to your Theme
    • If you wish to change your Shopify theme, then make sure to click Inject button as shown below.
    • shopify firewall ip restrict - block countries

    Step 6: User Flow for Blocked visitors and Allowed visitors
    • Whenever any customer visits your store from allowed countries and allowed IPs then they can access all the pages of your store.
    • When any customer visits your store from blocked countries or Block IP , they will automatically get redirected to the Access Denied Page as shown below and they will not be allowed to access any page of your Store so your content will always remain protected. If you have provided any redirection URL then, blocked users will be redirected to that specific URL.

    • shopify firewall ip restrict - block countries

      Note: While uninstalling the application, make sure to click Delete button shown below to remove unwanted code from Theme.

      shopify firewall ip restrict - block countries

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