IP restriction and Access control Firewall for Shopify

IP restriction shopify

Key Features

IP Blocking

You can get network traffic details with traffic monitoring, and if you suspect a request coming from a specific IP is malicious, you can block that IP address (which includes both automatic- based on user behavior and manual IP blocking) from accessing the website.

Country Blocking

The vast majority of website attacks originate in a specific country. If your website is being bombarded with SPAM or hacking attempts from visitors or bots from specific countries, you can block those attempts. You can choose a list of countries from which you want to restrict access to all of your resources.

Multi-Factor for controlling access

You can regulate priority access to only recognized users and devices in the framework/platform, or you can grant limited access to non-compliant devices and guest users with Multi-Factor authentication

Another way to protect Your Shopify Store from cyber security threats is to keep track of the network traffic that comes to the Store. Limiting login attempts/Restricting to access Shopify Store is a method of preventing IP addresses from repeatedly requesting a web server or repeating the same action within a time zone. You will restrict the behavior of a request if the traffic monitor indicates that the server receives too many requests from a single IP address in a given time period. This will prevent your website from being hacked.

Why needed OTP verification on login of Shhopify account


Quick Deploy

Our Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) plugin can be deployed easily for the entire user base in minutes for Shopify Store.

Personalize login page and Templates

Personalization add-ons give you the ability to customize the login pop-up to fit in the look of your Shopify store, and add the company's logo to the login pop-ups.

On-premise Support

Having security concerns with cloud solutions? Secure Shopify store login with an On-premise solution.

Language Translation Support

We provides multi language support. You can easily enable language translation for Your Shopify Store.

24*7 Support

Direct interaction with the developer team to resolve login security concerns.

Real Time Control

Alert or terminate the user session if the user performs any forbidden action.

Step-by-Step Guide for configuring Shopify Firewall Application

Step 1: Install and setup App

  • Install Shopify Firewall Application by clicking on “Add app” from Shopify App Store.
  • Click on "Install app" button at right bottom of screen to proceed with installation

Step 2: Configure Country Block and IP Restriction settings

  • Search and select the country name in the Block Country Settings section as shown below to block the visitors from that country to access your Shopify store.

    Country Blocking in Shopify Store
  • If you want to restrict visitors from specific IP then enter that IP in the IP Block Section as shown below.

    Block Specific Range of IP's
  • If you want to redirect the blocked countries/IP to any particular link then enter that URL in the Redirect Block Section as shown below. (If you leave it blank, user will be redirected to Access Denied Page)
  • redirected url
  • In the Content Protection Settings Section, you can enable various restriction features such as Disable Right Click, Protect Text, Protect Image, Protect Background Image, Disable Keyboard Shortcuts and Block access from VPN.
  • protection image
  • After configuring the settings, click on the Save button to enable the restrictions on your shopify store.

Step 3: User Flow for Blocked visitors and Allowed visitors
  • Whenever any customer visits your store from allowed countries and allowed IPs then they can access all the pages of your store.
  • When any customer visits your store from blocked countries or Block IP , they will automatically get redirected to the Access Denied Page as shown below and they will not be allowed to access any page of your Store so your content will always remain protected. If you have provided any redirection URL then, blocked users will be redirected to that specific URL.

  • Secure Access to Shopify

    Note: While uninstalling the application, make sure to click Delete button shown below to remove unwanted code from Theme.

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