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Key Features

One Device Login at a time

Restricting users from accessing the store through a single device at a time. Logout the previously logged in device if login count exceed the limit of screen allowed.

Help Desk Support

An authenticated session tracks the status of a client who is “signed in” to your Store. A session identifier (ID) is provided to the entity once they are logged in.

Risk Based authentication

Enhancing security to your Shopify Store by revoking the users to use multiple sessions at the same time and by avoiding fraud prevention based on different IP, device, etc.

Concurrent Monitoring

An anonymous session will be terminated immediately if found and further access will be revoked.

Advanced Security

miniOrange provides many more login security features for Shopify with two-factor which includes Limit login, Brut-force, IP blocking, Remember Device, short-code compatibility.

Role based session timeout

Configure different session timeouts for users of different roles.

A web application decides to allow multiple simultaneous logins from the same user credentials to the application from the same or different IP addresses. If a web application doesn’t want to allow multiple logins, then after each new authentication event they will have to terminate the previously available/working session or they can ask the user about which session must remain active.

Content restriction for Shopify

Our Top Use cases for which we provide solutions

Limit Number of Sessions / Purchases for Single Customer or household

Restrict customers from accessing the store if the connection is made from existing IP address. Any attempt to connect to your store will be blocked without being allow to present a username and password.

Shopify user session management for embedded plugin

User logged in to Shopify using your embedded plugin and once the user logouts from shopify account then force the user to logout from your embedded plugin.

User Session validation on Login and Register pages

When user login / register to the store and the user session is established then block the user from accessing the login and registration page.

Destroy user session and restrict customer to login into one device at a time

User is logged in from one device and if the user tries to login using the same credentials at the same time from a second device then you would like to forced logout the user from previously established session.

Add-Ons and Other Solutions


Content restriction


SCIM User Provisioning


Discord Shopify Integrator


Uscreen Shopify Integration


Attribute Based Redirection


SSO Session Management


Thinkific Shopify Integrator


Shopify as IDP


Two Factor Authentication


Firewall IP and Country Restrict


Shopify Store Migration


Salesforce Shopify integrator

We also support

Shopify SSO - SSO with MFA
SSO with MFA

Support for multi-factor authentication (MFA) with SSO if it is enabled at your IDP.

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Shopify SSO - Mobile SSO
Mobile SSO

Support for SSO in mobile app using external OAuth providers like Google, Facebook, Azure, Cognito, etc.

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Shopify SSO - Session management
Session Management

We provide support for Restricting users from using multiple devices to access the store during SSO.

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Shopify SSO - Headless SSO
Headless SSO

Support for SSO into headless Shopify Headless Stores using Progressive Web App Frameworks like React, Angular,etc.

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Shopify SSO - JWT SSO

Support SSO into Shopify using JWT protocol with any external Identity provider like Cognito, Salesforce

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Shopify SSO - restrict content on Shopify
Restrict content on SSO

Support for restricting content in your Shopify store, such as pages, products, collections, pricing, and so on.

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Shopify SSO - User Provisioning
User Provisioning-Deprovsioning

Supports easy user management in shopify store to create, delete & update user data in real time.

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Shopify SSO - Discount on SSO
Discount on SSO

Customers can be offered discounts based on their customer tags using Single Sign-On (SSO) application.

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Here’s just some of what you get

Quick Setup and Strong Authentication

Only a few steps are required to enable session management security on Shopify with ease of time.


Having security concerns with cloud solutions? Secured Shopify account with On-premise solution.

More Secure

Add more security to your existing login with added layers of Multifactor Authentication like 2FA and OTP login.

On-premise Support

Having security concerns with cloud solutions? Secure Shopify store login with an On-premise solution.

Language Translation Support

miniOrange two-factor plugin for Shopify supports language translation in few easy steps.

Configurable Session timeout

Configure how long you want your users to stay logged in when they sign in into your store.

24*7 Support

Direct interaction with the developer team to solve the queries or to work on Shopify login security concerns.

Mobile Support

Mobile Support

Real Time Control

Alert or terminate the user session if the user performs any forbidden action.

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