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 SSO-Session-Management Integrator | SSO-Session-Management Integrator SAML SSO | SSO-Session-Management SAML Plugin

Key Features

Remember me for SSO users

Remember the User login even after the browser window is closed.

Configurable Session timeout

Configure how long you want your users to stay logged in when they perform SSO into your site.

Role based session timeout

Configure different session timeouts for users of different roles.

Licensing Plan

Stand-alone version

(One time payment)


Follow the step by step guide to configure SSO Session Management Addon with SAML /OAuth Client Single Sign On (SSO) Plugin

    idp_sso_image1 Follow the step-by-step guide to configuring the SSO Session Management add-on with Saml Plugin

      idp_sso_image1 miniOrange SSO Session management add-on can be used to modify the login session time of your users when they perform SSO into your site.

    • After you activate the plugin, you will be able to view the SSO Session Management Add On as a part of sub menu in your miniOrange SSO Plugin like this -
    • media_restriction
    • Click on miniOrange SSO Session management
    • media_restriction
    • If you want to manage user session time, click on Enable Remember Me checkbox. After checking this option, you can configure user session time accordingly.
    • If you want to set a default session time for your users irrespective of their roles, you can provide that time in the input field of Enter Default Time (in Days).
    • If you want to create user session based on their roles, you just need to provide session time according to the roles (in Days) and that session time will be created for the users of that particular role.
    • idp_sso_image1 Support for multiple roles of a User :

      If you want to create session time for the users based on their Roles, but if a user has multiple roles. You get the option to set the session time based on the following 2 options

    • Role Priority - If you select this option, the session time for the users having multiple roles will be created based on Role Priority. That means the session time will be considered for the role of having the highest Capabilities. In case the user is assigned roles that have multiple roles with maximum capabilities, in that case, session time will be taken for the role having highest session time as provided.
    • Highest Session Time - If you select this option, session time will be taken for the role having the highest session time as provided.
    • idp_sso_image1 Support for Custom Role Mapping :

      If you have assigned Custom Roles to your users, those roles will also be available to you in this Add On to configure. And you can also assign session time for the users having those custom roles.


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