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What our plugin does?

Key Features

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Real time Sync

Synchronise WooCommerce product inventory from Third Party APIs /Inventory suppliers automatically.

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Automatic Updation

Automate products sync in the WooCommerce store when a product is added or updated in inventory.

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Stock Sync & Update

Sync stock status of WooCommerce across multiple stores or from external APIs into your WordPress WooCommerce store.

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Scheduled WooCommerce Product Sync based on any custom time interval to eliminate manual sync stress.

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Synchronise all product details

Sync product ID, SKU, Name,etc including stock status, brand, or any custom attribute you have in the WooCommerce products.

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No Manual Work

No manual work is needed if you choose automatic WooCommerce product sync using the scheduler.

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Products Attribute Mapping

Map the keys from the API items/ products to WooCommerce product fields, categories, tags or any custom field.

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Our plugin also supports pagination if your API is sending product data page wise. For example: "x" products per page.

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Background processing

Our plugin imports all the products in background so that you can continue working on other important tasks that you may have.

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Our plugin supports OAuth 2.0, Basic Authentication, API Key or Bearer token for the products APIs, so there is no security concern

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Sync Advance Custom Fields

With WooCommerce Product Sync plugin you can sync fields or attributes created using Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

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We are open to customise our solution to meet your needs. Reach out at to discuss your use-case and get a custom modified solution for your requirements.

Our Popular Integrations

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If you are looking to integrate the BOATS API with your WooCommerce site then our plugin is already compatible with the BOATS API. You can easily fetch boats data from the API and show them on your WooCommerce site.

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Amrod is one of the leading clothing and gifting suppliers and we have many happy customers using our solution to connect Amrod supplier API with their eCommerce stores to fetch Amrod data into WordPress.

Proactive Clothing Icon

Our plugin is also compatible with Proactive Clothing Data Service suppliers to fetch data and create products in real-time on your WooCommerce store and sync the desired data into WordPress in real-time.

Big Buy Clothing

Big Buy is a leading dropshipping wholesaler in Europe which boosts sales on marketplaces and eCommerce. If you want to integrate BigBuy Supplier API into your WooCommerce then miniOrange WooCommerce Product Sync is the answer to your needs.

Parts Canada Icon

Our plugin is also compatible with Parts Canada Supplier API to sync products into your WooCommerce store. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to integrate Parts Canada API into your WooCommerce Store.

Parts Unlimited Icon

Parts Unlimited is a leading supplier when it comes to motorcycle, vehicle parts,, and accessories. Our plugin is also compatible with Parts Unlimited API to sync products to your WooCommerce store.

Shopify Icon

miniOrange WooCommerce Products Sync Integrator can be used to import products from the Shopify store into your WooCommerce store.

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miniOrange WooCommerce Products Sync Integrator can be used to import products from the PrestaShop store into your WooCommerce store.

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miniOrange WooCommerce Products Sync Integrator can be used to import products from the Magento store into your WooCommerce store.

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Import Products to WooCommerce Technique Comparison


Import Woocommerce products data manually from CSV/ XLSX files. The problem with this approach is that it is very time-consuming and inefficient. It will take a lot of time to sync a small number of products and you need to do it manually - first, download the data from an external provider and then upload the files in Woocommerce.

Modern (Automation)

Import or update products data like Product Name, Product Quantity, Product Status, Product Price, Product SKU, etc automatically via External REST API in real-time. A scheduler will synchronize all the products and update details automatically according to the set time interval.

    • You would need to connect your Supplier/ External API using the Connect to External API in the Custom API plugin. Click here to know more.
    • Now go to WooCommerce Sync Tab and enter the same API name that you connected in Custom API for WordPress in Connection Name field.
    • Now fill the WooCommerce attributes with the Key values from API response.
    • Consider the example JSON data coming from your external inventory.
    • Status: 200"products": {
                 "description":Welcome to miniOrange woocommerce product sync,
                 "images":{"small": "test.png"},
    • Then you would need to map the key values product name, SKU, etc in the Attribute Value column.
    • WooCommerce API product sync
    • To sync the images we use the Standard REST API given by WooCommerce. For that, you would need to configure the Consumer ID and Consumer Secret provided by WooCommerce.
    • If you do not have the credentials, you can find them on Woocommerce → Settings → Advanced → REST API → Add Key
    • WooCommerce API product sync
    • After the mapping of all the above options, you can just click on Save Connection at top right corner.
    • WooCommerce API product sync
    • Clcik the Sync buton to start syncing the external inventory products into your Woocommerce products data.
    • WooCommerce API product sync
    • CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully setup WooCommerce Sync Integrator on your WordPress WooCommerce site.
    We also provide the solution to sync the data from your external inventory to your Woocommerce periodically using a CRON job. This method would basically sync your data in the background continuously.
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