Key Features

With miniOrange content restriction App you will control access over all parts of your Shopify store

Redirected to Login/Registration page

Before accessing your Shopify store, redirect users to a user-friendly custom login or registration page.

Request for additional profile info

Set up custom fields to collect additional user profile information about your users which is required before granting access to a specific area of your store.

Block Access to Shopify store for Visitors

Visitors won't be able to navigate your Shopify shops. Users which are approved by staff members will be allowed to access certain pages and products .

Limit access to Shopify Store

Restrict users from accessing products pricing details, they need to login to view prices of products. Also you can limit access control over the complete store, only selected users can access the Shopify store.

Multiple Locks Method

Lock pages under passcode, OTP over email , Mobile Number , Customer specific passcode , Secret Links , restrict via Single Sign On and many more Lock methods for both Shopify Plus and Non-Plus stores .

Role specific passcodes

You can set passcodes for group of customers with specific tags and they will be allowed to access specific pages with help of the passcode

Region wise Access control

For particular regions or a list of countries/IP ranges that are not allowed to access the store.

Membership Based Access

When users buy a membership on your site via a third-party plugin, allocate them a tag and give them access to specific pages and products based on that tag.

Domain Restriction

Email Id from verified domain sources can access the Shopify Store. Customer with specific domain can be allowed to access certain set of pages , products and collections in shopify plus and non plus stores

Restricting particular pages

For logged-in users and customers with unique tags. No custom code required to restrict access to pages and customer with unique tags will not be allowed to view the products and pages

Report of historical data of your Shopify Store for secure access control

You can get historical and evaluate reports on what's going on in your Shopify store with the miniOrange content restriction App. The report should provide information about all guests, including their IP addresses, the region from which they are visiting your Shopify store, the number of visits made so far, and the date of their visit, among other things.

You will receive an overall report via email in the defined time zone, and you will be ready to manage your Shopify store traffic and improve the quality of your business.

Content restriction for Shopify

Here’s just some of what you get

Spam Protection  

   To prevent from bot / spammers / fake account , users will be not be able to see any page until they have email verification done(Shopify default email verification)

Multi Vendor compatibility  

   Compatibility with multi-vendor applications by assigning tags to consumers in order to turn them to premium customers based on user behaviour at the store and then they can have discounts from that specific vendor.

  Extensive Assistance

   Experiential help because of the history report provided by miniOrange Content restriction pro, you will get all relevant information at your fingertips.


   If you have any security concerns with Cloud solution you can restrict your Shopify store with On-premise solution.

Our Top Use cases for which we provide solutions

Limit customers from certain countries purchasing certain items

Hide products from Shopify Store which you don’t ship to your customers countries and customer only see those products which can be shipped in their region.

Require login access for a specific page on our website

Force users to login first to allow access to specific pages like members will be required to login first to view protected content and keep some pages of store to be accessible for everyone.

Geographically locking digital products so that I can distribute reprints without violating copyright

Based on Customer IP and countries, restrict certain products, pages and collections.

Wholesale section on our store, protected by a passcode

Create different sections / areas for Wholesale customers and retail customers.

Certain tag access to specific pages

Group users based on tags , their behaviour , order history and create different sections in shopify store for different customers.

Access Control

Control access to the 'Add to Cart' from certain geographical locations (countries and states).

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