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WordPress NFT MarketPlace
What is NFT MarketPlace?
NFT Marketplace

Key Features Of WordPress NFT MarketPlace
Buy/Sell Crypto NFTs

Buy/Sell with Crypto and NFTs

Add support for custom cryptocurrencies and specific NFT collections for all transactions like buying and selling in your NFT marketplace for all.

List a wide number of NFTs

List a wide number of NFTs

You can list and filter through NFTs of a wide variety like Art, Music, Gaming, Media files, Images, Real Estate, and a lot more providing complete flexibility and future-proofing in the growing world of Web3 as your NFT art marketplace gains popularity.

Lazy Minting

Lazy Minting

Lazy Minting or Gasless Minting, is supported for all NFT Marketplace owners to help established and upcoming artists promote their NFTs without worrying about the transaction fees and other finances.

Exclusive Member Access

Exclusive Member Access

Create exclusive access for users to buy select NFT collections, upcoming drop sales, special discounts, and the latest WordPress NFT Marketplace updates before the rest with an exclusive member access policy.

NFT Royalties

NFT Royalties

NFT Royalties are a system of giving a bonus amount as a token of thanks for using the NFT as a digital asset. So when a user sells an NFT on the NFT Marketplace, they are rewarded with an amount for using the digital asset.

Bulk NFT Upload

Bulk NFT Upload

Bulk NFT Uploading lets you convert your collections directly from a zip to an NFT to save time and make these NFTs ready for the NFT minting process.

Number of NFTs

Multiple Blockchain Support

Unlike OpenSea and Rarible who have limited functionality and support for blockchains, the miniOrange NFT Marketplace lets you integrate the blockchain of your choice.

NFT Portfolio Shortcode

My NFT Portfolio Shortcode

With miniOrange NFT Marketplace, we provide you with 2 short codes, one for the user profile to see the NFT collection they own, and the other for the NFT Marketplace to see all the NFTs present in the Smart Contract.

How Does WordPress NFT MarketPlace Work?

Benefits Of Using NFT MarketPlace
Freedom for Decisions

Freedom for Decisions

If you build your own NFT Marketplace, you are the owner and governor of all decisions related to your marketplace. You will plan the community guidelines and make updates with changing trends in the domain of NFTs.

Complete Transparency

Complete Transparency

All transactions made will be visible in your blockchain's distributed database. This way, everything that goes on within your community is clearly visible, offering you full transparency for your WordPress NFT Marketplace.

 Web3 Community

Build your Web3 Community

You will have your own community of users, buyers for NFTs, investors, and artists to discuss their thoughts and improve your NFT art marketplace with changing trends.

Decentralization for users

Decentralization for users

All your WordPress NFT art marketplace customers and users can openly trade without sanctions being imposed or the need to follow the regulations of a huge financial body. This improves in helping users voice their concerns openly without worrying about being sidelined.

Absolute Security

Absolute Security

Blockchain keeps all the users distributed and hashed with cryptography. Their changes are irreversible, which guarantees that no tampering will take place.



You can update themes, add new blockchain or crypto wallet support, add new membership levels, at any stage for your NFT Marketplace with our WordPress NFT Marketplace builder solution.

24x7 Support

24x7 Support

At miniOrange, you will receive the best world-class support at the most pocket-friendly price so that you stay up and running at all times to rise against your competitors as the domain of Web3 grows and diversifies.

Extremely User Friendly

Extremely user friendly

NFT MarketPlace is extremely easy to use, and almost all of its functions are self explanatory. We also provide various guides and videos along with prompt customer support for configuration of password policy manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are NFTs?

NFTs are unique tokens that cannot be replaced with anything else and are hence unique. The uniqueness and rarity of traits are what make an NFT more valuable and increase its demand in its customer base.

Can I only make images as NFTs?

No, not just images, but you can also make videos, music, sound effects, GIFs, video games, and even real estate can all be turned into an NFT collection and then can be sold on your NFT art marketplace.

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a decentralized storage system, wherein all the data and transaction history are spread across different nodes of the blockchain. All history and data recorded are irreversible and cannot be tampered with.

Why shouldn’t I use Opensea or Rarible?

The major problem with marketplace platforms like OpenSea and Rarible is that they charge a very high fee for every transaction from their user base. This does not seem feasible for budding artists who are new to the domain of Web3, and hence due to monetary issues, cannot promote their NFT collections.

Do I need to pay one-time or annually?

We keep our plugins up to date with the latest versions of WordPress, PHP, and so on. We are constantly adding new features to our plugin, and because of the value, our plugin operates on a subscription model, requiring annual payments for licensing.

How do I pick a blockchain for my WordPress NFT Marketplace?

You need to decide on factors like Transaction speed, blockchain security, transactional costs to the blockchain, robust smart contract functionality, and scalability options for choosing the blockchain to create the best NFT platform to sell art.

What should I do to request support?

You can always shoot us an email at and we will get right back to you with our globally recognized support team.

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