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Pre-Integrated IDPs for Provisioning



Azure AD





Automate real-time Provisioning

It enables the provisioning / de-provisioning process of users while also having a single system to manage permissions and groups.

Attribute Mapping

Map and update attributes for your Odoo users from your Identity Provider.

Synchronize Users

Sync users from your Identity Provider (IdP) to Odoo in real-time

Pricing Plan


  •   Number of Users (UNLIMITED)
  •   Create Users
  •    Update Users
  •    Real-time provisioning
  •    Pre-configured IDPs
  •    Delete/Deprovision Users
  •    Attribute/Group Mapping
  •    Company Mapping
  •    Audit Logs


      Discover how to seamlessly configure SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) user provisioning with leading Identity Providers (IdPs) such as Azure and Okta. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process, ensuring smooth integration and efficient user management. Let's dive in!

      Step 1: Install the miniOrange SCIM module on your Odoo

      • Once you have the miniOrange SCIM module installed on your Odoo, you can go to the module configuration page. Fill in the following fields:
        • App Name: Your desired name
        • SCIM Base URL: https:///miniorange-scim/Users
        • Bearer Token: Your desired token
        • Enable JIT User Creation: Enable this checkbox to automate user account creation.
        • Enable JIT User Deletion: Enable this checkbox to automate user account deletion.
        odoo scim

      Step 2: Configure your IdP

      • You need the SCIM URL and the Secret Token to configure your Identity Provider (IdP). Your SCIM URL will be:
        https:///miniorange-scim and SCIM Bearer Token will be the one that you configured in Step 1.

      Step 3: Perform SCIM Operations

      Once you have configured your IdP and the Odoo module, you will be able to perform the following operations:

      • Create Users: When users are created on your Identity Provider (IdP), you can ensure their automatic creation on your Odoo. This streamlined process eliminates the need for manual user creation, saving you time and effort.
      • Update Users: When users' data is updated in your Identity Provider (IdP), these changes are automatically reflected on your Odoo. This seamless synchronization eliminates the need for manual updates, ensuring that user information remains accurate and up to date.
      • Delete Users:
        • De-provision: Users deleted from the IdP will be automatically deleted from the Odoo user list too.
        • Deactivate: Users deleted from the IdP will be deactivated and not permanently deleted from the Odoo user list.

    Understanding User Provisioning using SCIM

    What is SCIM?

    SCIM stands for System for Cross-domain Identity Management which involves the process of creating, updating, and deleting user accounts in multiple applications (IdPs). SCIM is an Identity and Access Management solution (IAMS) that includes the management and maintenance of the end user’s identity and user attributes to access a service or application.

    Why SCIM?

    SCIM provisioning is used by companies that are looking for efficiency and security for their company data. SCIM Many SaaS companies are supporting SCIM and its use is increasing across companies. Odoo also supports SCIM which can be used to enhance security and add automation to user creation and deletion on the Odoo website.

    How does SCIM work?

    SCIM enables automating the process of provisioning / de-provisioning of user identities. SCIM is a protocol based on JSON and REST format to describe client-server roles. The client is usually an Identity Provider like miniOrange IdP, Okta, etc which contains the users of the company. The server is a SaaS application that needs identity attributes to allow access to users. If changes are made in the user profiles in Identity Provider (IdP) then these changes are reflected automatically in Service Provider (SP) according to the set SCIM rules.

    SCIM vs SAML

    SAML 2.0 assertions’ are delivered to Stack Overflow Business at user connection but in SCIM 2.0 requests are sent when events occur on the Identity Provider. This leads to real-time updates to user status in the Odoo application when the change is made in the Identity Provider (IdP).

    Operations Supported for SCIM USER PROVISIONING in Odoo

    Create Users

    Create users automatically in Odoo using First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, and other attributes passed by your IDP (Identity Provider).

    Update Users

    All Attributes except Email and Username are updated on Odoo site when a user is updated in the IDP (Identity Provider)

    Delete Users

    Users deleted from the IDP (Identity Provider) also get deleted from the User list in your Odoo site.


    Automate User Provisioning / Deprovisioning  

       SCIM automates the provisioning and de-provisioning of users and thus reduces the risk of error.

    Communicate Across Platforms  

       User data is stored with consistency and can be shared as such across different apps while maintaining data integrity.

    Increased Security  

      Increased security and reduced costs by eliminating the possibility of idle user accounts and unauthorized information access.

      Seamless Access

      End-users have seamless access to applications for which they’re assigned, with up-to-date profiles and permissions.

      No Dependencies

      Independent Installation of the plugin without the need of any external or third-party libraries or modules.

      Easy Onboarding / Offboarding

      Streamline user Lifecycle management across applications in your organization by easy onboarding/ offboarding of the employees.

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