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Key Features

Acts as SCIM Client

A SCIM Client is an application that contains the user information. It performs the CRUD operations and sends the updated user data to servers based on the operations performed at its end.

Acts as SCIM Server

A SCIM Server is an application that communicates with data sources that hold user information. It exposes the standardized CRUD capabilities to the clients and, with the incoming requests, performs those actions.

Provider Specific Provisioning

Provisioning to the applications that provide APIs instead of/in addition to SCIM, for the CRUD operations on Users and Roles. Some of the most popular Providers are: Azure, AWS Cognito and Salesforce.

Provisioning On-Demand

Performing Provisioning of User or Role on the fly. Any user information can be provisioned as and when required, can be used for troubleshooting as well.

Audits and Logs

Detailed Logs of all the different CRUD operations performed, including the type of operation, the type of resource and status of the performed operations are tabulated in a dedicated tab.

Real Time Provisioning

Provisioning of Users and Roles as soon as the CRUD operation is performed. This allows all the new incoming users to be in sync with the SCIM Server.

Scheduler Based Provisioning

Provisioning of Users and Roles on a defined schedule. It can be based on CRON of the system. It also has the capability to create custom schedules for Provisioning.

Pricing Plans for Everyone


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$ 599/year





Supports for Drupal as SCIM Client
Bearer Token Based Authentication for SCIM
On-Demand Provisioning for Creating Users
Audits and logs
Export Users data in .JSON and .CSV format file*
Import Users from .JSON and .CSV format file*
Support for Drupal as SCIM Server
Attribute Mapping
Event Based Provisioning
Scheduler Based Provisioning
Manual Provisioning
Role Based Provisioning
Export Drupal Logs
Support for Provider Specific Provisioning (Cognito, AD, Azure, Azure B2C, Salesforce etc)
*In the free version of the module, only Username and Emails are provisioned.

We will setup a Conference Call / GoTo Meeting and do end to end configuration for you to setup the Drupal User Provisioning module. We provide services to do the configuration on your behalf. If you have any doubts regarding the upgrade plans, you can mail us at drupalsupport@xecurify.com.

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Payment Methods

Credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa) - If the payment is made through Credit Card/International Debit Card, the license will be created automatically once the payment is completed.

  Bank Transfer

Please contact us here or drop an email at drupalsupport@xecurify.com so that we can provide you the bank details.

Please contact us here or drop an email at drupalsupport@xecurify.com for more information

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