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Easily Manage Inventory, Products, & Orders

Whether you’re a supplier, a retailer, or expanding to multiple stores, Shopify Inventory Sync keeps everything that you offer in stock and organized.

Automate Product Management

Automate Product Management

Save the time you spend managing your e-commerce store. Grow your business faster by automating product addition and removal tasks.

  Streamlined New Arrivals

Get new products auto-populated in your store when added to your inventory.

  No More Out-of-Stock Issues

Disable out-of-stock product purchases to prevent overselling and customer frustration.

  Precise Listings

Sync inventory between your Shopify stores to keep them up to date and reduce fulfillment errors.

Import Directly from Google Sheets

Easily sync and import your inventory data directly from Google Sheets into Shopify with just a few clicks.

  Automatic data entry

Easily import product information like SKUs, quantities, and descriptions, straight from your Google Sheet.

  Stay in sync

Get instant updates about your inventory status with automatic refreshes.

  Simplify bulk edits

Easily manage large datasets of inventory data from Google Sheets.

Import Directly from Google Sheets
Two-Way Inventory Sync Between Shopify Stores

Two-Way Inventory Sync Between Shopify Stores

Keep your inventory synchronized across multiple Shopify stores with seamless two-way integration.

  Always Accurate Inventory

Any changes in inventory levels, such as new additions, deletions, or adjustments in one store, are automatically mirrored in the other.

  Reduced Errors, Increased Efficiency

Automatically detect and resolve conflicts between inventory data across stores.

  Improved Customer Satisfaction

Provide a seamless shopping experience by showcasing accurate stock levels.

Set Real-Time Sync

Prevent stockouts or overselling with live updates as soon as sales happen or stock levels change.

  Say goodbye to manual updates

Automate the ordering system to save time and keep your inventory fresh.

  Customers see what's available

Real-time sync ensures customers see accurate product availability, boosting trust and buying confidence.

Set Real-Time Sync
Get Detailed Reports

Get Detailed Reports

Make smarter business decisions with detailed insights into your inventory performance, sales trends, and order fulfillment.

  Track Inventory Movement

Monitor fluctuations and trends to optimize stock levels.

  Analyze Sales Impact

Correlate stock inventory management and updates with sales data.

  Make Data-Driven Decisions

Gain insights to prevent stockouts and overstocking.

Manage Bulk Import & Export

Control large product listings with Shopify bulk import and export features.

  Export Stock Inventory

Share your entire inventory or specific products for analysis.

  Maintain Stock Levels

Automate purchase order records to maintain accurate stock levels across all sales channels.

Manage Bulk Import & Export
Customize Alerts and Notifications

Customize Alerts and Notifications

Set up personalized alerts for low stock levels, sales thresholds, and more.

  Set Thresholds

Set minimum inventory thresholds and receive alerts when stocks fall below set levels.

  Choose How You're Informed

Email, SMS, or both for inventory management system updates.

  Prioritize Key Products

Customize alerts to monitor critical stock levels.

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