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Key Features

Single Sign-On

Seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) experience to Shopify store users and they can access Mobile Application of Shopify Store with existing IdP credentials providing affiliated login experience with one time login.

SSO Integrations

miniOrange Provides Single Sign on with Identity Provider supporting OAuth Password Grant / Resource Owner Password Grant and all popular Identity Providers like ADFS, AWS Cognito, One Login, OKTA, Google/GSuite.

Support for SSO via JWT Token

Allow existing users to SSO into Shopify Store embedded in Mobile Application web-view via JWT token available within Mobile Application or perform SSO via JWT Token provided by your external web-service.

Existing User Store Integration (SSO)

Connect any existing Databases like MYSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and any existing web-service Application based on JAVA, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails , .NET, etc and allow all users to perform Single Sign on into Mobile Application Shopify Store.

Extend business with App

Provide customer base with additional functionalities and ease the Shopify experience via Mobile Application without worrying about Login Process . All users present in Desktop Shopify Store will be allowed to access your Mobile Application with existing Shopify Store credentials.

Event Based Redirection

Redirect users to specific page , product, collection or checkout page based on the event they invoked in Mobile Application.

Multiple IDPs Supported

Configure SSO support for multiple IDPs and authenticating different types of users with different IDPs.

Risk Based authentication

Enhancing security to your Shopify Store Mobile Application access avoiding Fraud prevention based on IP, Device, Location and Time based rules.

Custom Session Timeout

Keep users logged in into Mobile Application based Shopify store for as long as you want that is you can allow users to stay logged in for few hours to couple of years.

One-time Password (OTP) and 2FA

Users can login into your Mobile Application based Shopify Store via OTP received over email / mobile number and increase security of your store via Multi-factor Authentication.

miniOrange Shopify Mobile Application Single Sign On (SSO) Application provides capability of SSO into Shopify Store Mobile Application for complete existing user-base and new users present in any identity provider outside of Shopify Store with existing identities . Also , users present in Shopify store itself can be allowed to login into any Mobile Application by using Shopify Store credentials . No user identity migration is required and with few easy configurations all existing users present with Shopify Store or outside store can be allowed to access Mobile Application. Perform Single Sign On with the help of JWT Token which can be created by your existing web-service . Connect Multiple Mobile Application / Shopify stores and users can access them with Single set of credentials


Easy to Configure

Login to your shopify store embedded in Mobile Application via existing Identity Providers credentials

More Secure

Add more security to your existing login with added layers of Multifactor Authentication like 2FA and OTP login.

Redirect URL

Adding Redirect URL for switching users to specific page of Shopify Store after SSO or leaving blank for bringing them back to the page where SSO is initiated.

Cost Effective

Get access to SSO in non-plus version of Shopify Store and have capability of Multipass.

Easy to Integrate

Easily Integrate your existing LDAP/Active Directory in miniOrange to provide users login using their existing credentials and secure access to Shopify Stores.

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