LDAP Login for Intranet Sites

LDAP Authentication plugin allows you to login into WordPress using the credentials stored in your Active Directory. LDAP Authentication can be performed on various LDAP/ADs such as Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP, and more. Our plugin provides you with a simplified and safe way of LDAP authentication.



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Basic LDAP Authentication Plan

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Premium Features
$199 One Time Payment

Sync user profile information and assign WordPress roles based on LDAP groups

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Basic LDAP Authentication Plan + Kerberos/NTLM SSO

Auto-login (SSO) Features
$349One Time Payment

All features along with auto-login (SSO) into your WordPress site on domain joined machine's

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Enterprise/All-Inclusive Plan

Premium + All Add-ons Features
$449 One Time Payment

All features along with access to all premium Add-ons

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Multisite Basic LDAP Authentication Plan

Premium Features
$259 One Time Payment

Sync user profile information and assign WordPress roles based on LDAP groups

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 Number Of Subsites

Multisite Basic LDAP Authentication Plan + Kerberos/NTLM SSO

Auto-login (SSO) Features
$409 One Time Payment

All features along with auto-login (SSO) into your WordPress site on domain joined machine's

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Multisite Enterprise / All-Inclusive Plan

Premium + All Add-ons Features
$509 One Time Payment

All features along with access to all premium Add-ons

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Features Comparison

Features List Basic LDAP Authentication
Basic LDAP Authentication Plan + Kerberos/NTLM SSO Enterprise/All-Inclusive Plan
Custom WordPress Profile Mapping
Assign WordPress roles based on LDAP groups
Support for fetching LDAP groups automatically for role mapping
Authenticate users from Multiple LDAP Search Bases
Support for automatic selection of LDAP OU's as a search base
Automatic Custom Search filter builder with group restriction
Authenticate users from both LDAP and WordPress
WordPress to LDAP user profile update
Auto-register of LDAP users in WordPress site
Redirect to custom URL after authentication
Support for LDAPS for Secure Connection to LDAP Server
Detailed user authentication report
Support for Import/Export plugin configuration
Auto-login (SSO) into WordPress site with Kerberos/NTLM
Access to all premium add-ons (Separate Purchase) (Separate Purchase)

Premium Add-Ons

Sync Users LDAP Directory

$169 /Instance

Synchronize WordPress users with LDAP directory and vice versa. Schedules can be configured for the synchronization to run at a specific time and after a specific interval.

Password Sync with LDAP Server

$119 /Instance

Synchronize your WordPress profile password with your LDAP user profile.

Profile Picture Sync for WordPress and BuddyPress

$119 /Instance

Update your WordPress and BuddyPress profile picture with thumbnail photos stored in your LDAP directory.

Search Staff from LDAP Directory

$129 /Instance

You can search/display your directory users on your website using search widget and shortcode.

Page/Post Restriction Add-on

Setup Guide
$149 /Instance

Allows you to control access to your site's content (pages/posts) based on LDAP groups/WordPress roles.

Third Party Plugin User Profile Integration

$149 /Instance

Update profile information of any third-party plugin with information from LDAP Directory.

Custom Notifications on WordPress Login page

$149 /Instance

Add/Display customized messages on your WordPress login page.

Premium Add-ons For Integration With Third Party Plugins

Sync BuddyPress Extended Profiles

$149 /Instance

Integration with BuddyPress to sync extended profile of users with LDAP attributes upon login.

Sync BuddyPress Groups

$129 /Instance

Assign BuddyPress groups to users based on group membership in LDAP.

BuddyBoss Profile Integration

$149 /Instance

Integration with BuddyBoss to sync extended profile of users with LDAP attributes upon login.

Ultimate Member Login Integration

$119 /Instance

Login to Ultimate Member with LDAP Credentials.

Ultimate Member Profile Integration

$149 /Instance

Integrate your Ultimate Member User Profile with LDAP attributes upon LDAP login.

Paid Membership Pro Integrator

$149 /Instance

WordPress Paid Memberships Pro Integrator will map the LDAP Security Groups to Paid Memberships Pro groups.

WP Groups Plugin Integration

$149 /Instance

Assign WP groups to users based on group membership in LDAP.

Gravity Forms Integration

$129 /Instance

Populate Gravity Form fields with information from LDAP. You can integrate with unlimited forms.

MemberPress Plugin Integration

$119 /Instance

Login to Memberpress protected content with LDAP Credentials.

eMember Plugin Integration

$119 /Instance

Login to eMember profiles with LDAP Credentials..

miniOrange LDAP Premium Plugin
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LDAP Multiple Directories Plan

Looking for LDAP Authentication against more than one LDAP Server?

We do support LDAP authentication from multiple LDAP directories in our Multiple LDAP Directories Plan. To get more details on this plan please contact us.

Key Features


Using LDAP Login For Intranet Sites plugins Users can login into WordPress site using credentials which are stored on your LDAP Server.

Easy and Secure

LDAP Login For Intranet Sites plugin performs an encrypted authentication to your LDAP server through the LDAP/LDAPS Protocol. This means the access to your user’s credentials which are stored in the LDAP Server is completely safe and secure.


Secure the user login in the WordPress site via LDAP Authentication. Authenticate users stored in different LDAP implementations such as Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP, Sun Active Directory, JumpCloud, FreeIPA Directory, and more.

Advanced Role Mapping

Using the Role Mapping feature in our miniOrange WP LDAP/AD Intranet plugin, you can assign roles to different users depending on the different groups present in the directory system.

Multiple LDAP Directories Configuration

Configure authentication against multiple directory configurations through sequential search or on the basis of domain membership.

Search User by Multiple Username Attributes

Configure multiple possible username attributes by which LDAP queries against a directory system can be made to search for users.

Custom Search Filter with Group Restriction

Our LDAP authentication plugin lets you allow only users of specific groups to log in to WordPress.

Multiple Search Bases

Configure multiple containers in the directory to allow the users present in those containers to log in to WordPress.

Custom Attribute Mapping

Configure the LDAP attributes to be fetched at the time of LDAP authentication and store them into the WordPress user profile.

TLS connection

Secure connection to the directory with Transport Layer Security ( TLS )

WP to LDAP updates of user profile

Sync the user profile attributes to the LDAP directory once they are updated on your WordPress profile.


Easy Setup

We have a plethora of guides and YouTube videos to help assist with the setup of your WP LDAP plugin. Additionally, we also provide 24/7 user support.

Regular Updates

Receive regular updates which keep your WP LDAP Plugin up to date with the latest WordPress and PHP versions.


We provide high levels of customization tailored to your needs and a plethora of add-ons to support specific requirements.

Intuitive Interface

Our Interface is designed keeping in mind the ease of use and provides a consistent user experience for all.

Custom Pricing

The most affordable WordPress LDAP Plugin available in the market. Additionally, we provide discounts to Non Profit organizations and Educational institutions.

Active Support

We know authentication is an essential part of running a business which is why we provide priority support that ensures that any issues you face on a live production site are resolved as soon as possible.

Instance - Subsites Definition

What is an instance?

A WordPress instance refers to a single installation of a WordPress site. It refers to each individual website where the plugin is active. In the case of a single site Wordpress, each website will be counted as a single instance.

For example, You have 3 sites hosted like one each for development, staging, and production. This will be counted as 3 instances.

What is a multisite network?

A multisite network means managing multiple sites within the same WordPress installation and has the same database.

For example, You have 1 Wordpress instance/site with 3 subsites in it then it will be counted as 1 instance with 3 subsites.
You have 1 WordPress instance/site with 3 subsites and another Wordpress instance/site with 2 subsites then it will be counted as 2 instances with 3 subsites.


Great Support

The plugin does exactly what we need it to do, but the real standout is the support. Highly recommend the plugin.

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Great LDAP-Tool

The tool is easy to configure and works like a charm. A great support through vendor. Thanks a lot for quick help.

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Very nice LDAP integrator

I think it was quite easy to implement the LDAP. The people from support is also very nice. I’ll recommend this plugin.

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Simply Perfect!

It’s work like a charm with AD. I had a problem at the beginning, but they provided a fast and friendly support. Totally recommended.

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Superb Support

Needed help with search field within the plugin. Got a super fast and competent response from support. Thank you.

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Very easy to get setup and works exactly as advertised. I had to contact support for a small problem and they were also terrific.

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Great Support!

the support was AMAZING helping me with issues that were nothing to do with the plugin it self. They are quick, polite and efficient!

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Great Plugin

This is a very powerful and flexible system for LDAP authentication. Got exceptional customer service with a specific customization.

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ldap multisite

They were able to create exactly what was needed. I now can deploy the internal portal site with no worries.

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Excellent and quick response

When I need help the most, Kiran and support was there for me.

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Thanks to the support team!

Thanks to the support team! they are fast resolving issues.

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Great Plugin with fantastic support

The free version of the plugin offers an incredibly easy interface & set up.

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Excellent plugin! Works like a charm!

I find this plugin for free. Respect to the developers, your product deliver just what I need, function and stability. Thanx.

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Excellent support and good plugin

The support team helped with explaining and setting up the plugin correctly. That really amazed me of the immediately response.

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Great Support & Great Features

At first, I was a litte unsure about the features provided with this plugin – but then just mailed their support team and wow: They are working fast and are really trying to get you all the information needed.

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