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Bulk SMS Notification
for WordPress

Send SMS notifications to customers all over the world with the Bulk SMS Notification plugin. This plugin sends short text messages in bulk to many people for marketing or informative notifications with a single click. Choose the type of users you want to send the SMS notifications using the Bulk SMS notification plugin.

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Bulk SMS Notification - send SMS Notification

Key Features for our Bulk SMS Notification Plugin

Bulk SMS Notification - one click sending Bulk SMS

Single click Bulk SMS sending

With just one click, you can send text messages to a large group of users for marketing or informational notifications.

Bulk SMS Notification - Send SMS all users

Send SMS to all Uers

With the Bulk SMS Notification plugin, you can easily send messages to all users on your WordPress website. Just select the "all users" option and easily send your SMS notifications all at once.

Bulk SMS Notification - Send SMS to specific role for users

Send SMS to Specific Roles

Bulk SMS Notification plugin allows you to send bulk SMS messages to specific roles such as Administrators, Subscribers, Editors, and other WordPress roles. Simply choose the specific user role and send your SMS notifications in bulk.

Bulk SMS Notification - 100+ SMS Gateway

100+ Gateway Supported

SMS Gateway enables your device to send and receive SMS. 100+ popular SMS Gateways supported by miniOrange Bulk SMS Notification Plugin. We do support nearly all the SMS Gateways.

Bulk SMS Notification - Bulk SMS Report

Detailed Report

This plugin offers a comprehensive report detailing all SMS notification sent to users. This feature allows you to easily track and monitor the status of your transactions through the plugin's gateway, providing valuable insights into the delivery and performance of your communication efforts.

100+ Gateways Supported Across the World's SMS gateway
Amazon SNS SMS gateway
Click Send SMS gateway
Firebase SMS gateway
Gupshup SMS gateway
MSG91 SMS gateway
Ring Central SMS gateway
Routee SMS gateway
Tencent SMS gateway

Sending Bulk SMS Notification to Users

STEP Bulk SMS Notification - step number 2

Select User Role

In the select box, select the role of the users to whom you want to send notifications.

STEP Bulk SMS Notification - step number 2

Set Message Template

Write the message template which you want to send to your users.

STEP Bulk SMS Notification - step number 3

Send Bulk SMS Notifications

Click on the send button to send the notifications to all users.

Bulk SMS Notification - Send Bulk SMS Notifications

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Bulk SMS Notification - Bulk SMS Notification Bulk SMS Notification - Bulk SMS Notification Bulk SMS Notification - Bulk SMS Notification
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