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ldap login for shared hosting active directory login for shared hosting LDAP integration for WordPress on cloud hosting. Active Directory integration for WordPress on cloud hosting ldap login for shared hosting Active Directory integration for WordPress on cloud hosting. LDAP integration for WordPress on cloud hosting Active Directory integration for WordPress on cloud hosting. LDAP integration for WordPress on cloud hosting active directory login for shared hosting

Our Plugin's Features

Active Directory sync for WordPress on shared hosting

Works Without PHP LDAP Extension

In the case of sites deployed on shared hosting platforms, where the php.ini file is not accessible, it is not possible to connect with the LDAP server directly. Our cloud plugin acts as an identity broker which helps in setting up communication between the WordPress site and the LDAP server which provides LDAP authentication for the shared hosting platform.

ldap authentication for shared hosting

LDAP Authentication

The LDAP Login for Shared Hosting Environment Plugin enables users to log into the WordPress site using credentials stored on your LDAP Server. This functionality is designed for websites hosted on Shared Hosting Environments / Cloud platforms.

ldap authentication for shared hosting

Support for LDAPS

The plugin supports LDAPS connections, providing an additional layer of security by active directory login for shared hosting. This feature enhances the system's overall security by enabling secure communication through LDAP over SSL/TLS.

active directory login for shared hosting

Assign WordPress Role(s) Based on LDAP Groups

Assign WordPress role(s) to users in Active Directory who are members of a specific group in the LDAP Server. This functionality simplifies role assignment by associating WordPress roles with users based on their group membership in Active Directory.

Active Directory sync for WordPress on shared hosting

Custom WordPress Profile Mapping

Map custom LDAP attributes in WordPress, such as linking the custom attribute "department" from the LDAP Server to the corresponding attribute in the WordPress user profile. For instance, if the LDAP Server has a custom attribute named "department," you can configure the plugin to map this attribute with the relevant field in the WordPress user profile.

LDAP integration for WordPress on cloud hosting. Active Directory integration for WordPress on cloud hosting

Authenticate Users From Multiple Search Bases

Authenticate users from various LDAP Organizational Units (OUs) simultaneously. You can also restrict login access to users present in a specific scope. This feature enables simultaneous authentication of users across different LDAP OUs, while also providing the flexibility to control access by specifying which users from particular OUs are allowed to log in.

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Enhance your Active Directory Integration with our Add-ons

Elevate your organization's efficiency and security with our comprehensive WordPress LDAP Integration and Active Directory integration solution!

Auto-Login (SSO) For Shared Hosting

Facilitate auto-login (SSO) for your WordPress site hosted on a shared hosting environment. This feature streamlines user access, eliminating the need for repeated logins and enhancing convenience for users navigating your site within a shared hosting setup.

Sync Users From LDAP Directory

LDAP/Active Directory sync for WordPress on shared hosting enables configuring schedules to specify the precise time and intervals for the sync operation, ensuring regular and automated updates between LDAP and WordPress, thereby maintaining accurate user information seamlessly.

BuddyPress Extended Profile Integration for Shared Hosting

Merge user's BuddyPress extended profile attributes with LDAP/AD attributes during LDAP/AD logins. This LDAP integration for WordPress on cloud hosting platform ensures a unified user experience by keeping data between BuddyPress and LDAP/AD in sync, enhancing user profiles, and streamlining the login process with synchronized attributes.

Page/Post Restriction

Control access to WordPress pages/posts by restricting content based on specific WordPress roles. This feature empowers administrators to manage user permissions effectively, tailoring content visibility according to predefined roles and ensuring a secure and customized experience for different user groups on the website.

Custom Notifications On WordPress Login Page

Enhance your WordPress login page by adding/displaying personalized messages. This feature allows administrators to add custom messages, providing users with relevant information, instructions, or branding.

WordPress - Command Line Interface

Set up the miniOrange LDAP/AD Login for Cloud & Shared Hosting Platform Plugin using command-line configuration. This streamlined process enables administrators to configure the plugin efficiently and securely, ensuring seamless integration with LDAP/AD authentication on cloud and shared hosting platforms through command-line instructions.

Third Party Plugin Integrations

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ldap login for shared hosting

Staff/Employee Business Directory for Active Directory

Search and display users from your Active Directory/LDAP Server directly on your WordPress page with our plugin which provides Active Directory user search for WordPress or LDAP user search for WordPress. We help you achieve this effortlessly by integrating a shortcode, enabling you to create a dynamic LDAP search directory for WordPress.

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Active Directory sync for WordPress on shared hosting

LDAP Integration / Active Directory Integration for WordPress

The miniOrange WP LDAP/AD Login for Intranet sites plugin allows you to log into a WordPress website using the credentials that are stored in your LDAP/Active Directory. The LDAP Authentication process can be performed on various LDAP servers such as Microsoft Active Directory, Azure AD, OpenLDAP, FreeIPA, JumpCloud, and more.

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Popular Use Cases & Solutions

Map LDAP/AD Groups & Attributes with WP User Profile

Map LDAP/Active Directory groups & LDAP attributes from different LDAP servers to the WP user roles and update WP user profile attributes seamlessly. These features allow administrators to assign users to the distinct role(s) within WordPress and use the LDAP attribute as required by their business logic. It ensures effortless user role assignments, reflecting LDAP/AD group memberships within the WordPress environment.

Authenticate LDAP users without enabling the PHP LDAP extension

For WordPress sites hosted on a shared hosting environment such as Kinsta, Bluehost, Godaddy, etc, enabling PHP LDAP extension is not permissible. miniOrange Active Directory/LDAP Integration for Cloud & Shared Hosting Platforms plugin allows you to authenticate your LDAP users into your WordPress website using API-based authentication with your LDAP server / Active Directory. This helps you maintain a centralized authentication for all your applications.

Authenticate LDAP users even when LDAP server is not publicly accessible

Using miniOrange LDAP Integration for Shared Hosting plugin along with the on-premise miniOrange LDAP Gateway, you can allow users to log in to a WordPress website hosted on Shared Hosting Environment using credentials stored in Active Directory, OpenLDAP and other LDAP servers when the LDAP Server is not publicly accessible. This protects your LDAP server by preventing direct exposure to external networks.

Set up Automatic Sync Between Your LDAP/Active Directory & WordPress

Sync or Import users from your LDAP/AD to your WordPress site using miniOrange on-premise LDAP Gateway. Import/Sync all users' data from the Active Directory / LDAP server. Map/sync any LDAP attributes of your LDAP user(s) and integrate the required information in the WordPress user profiles. The plugin also allows you to schedule your synchronization assisting efficiency and consistency in user data management.

Configure Multiple LDAP Directories/Domains for WP & LDAP Integration

Unlock the potential to Authenticate, Authorize, and sync users from multiple Active Directories/ LDAP Directories, offering a flexible login experience using the miniOrange WordPress LDAP/Active Directory plugin. This feature allows users to access your site using credentials stored across various LDAP servers/domains which helps enhance security and convenience.

Why Choose miniOrange Staff/Employee Business Directory Plugin?

active directory login for shared hosting

Easy Setup

We have a plethora of guides and YouTube videos to assist with the setup of your WP LDAP/Active Directory plugin for WordPress. Additionally, we also provide 24/7 user support.

Active Directory integration for WordPress on cloud hosting. LDAP integration for WordPress on cloud hosting

Regular Updates

Receive regular updates that keep your WordPress LDAP Plugin up to date with the latest WP and PHP versions

LDAP integration for WordPress on cloud hosting. Active Directory integration for WordPress on cloud hosting


We provide high levels of customization WordPress plugins for intranet tailored to your needs and a plethora of add-ons to support specific requirements.

active directory login for shared hosting

Intuitive Interface

Our Interface is designed keeping in mind the ease of use and providing a consistent user experience for all.

Active Directory integration for WordPress on cloud hosting. LDAP integration for WordPress on cloud hosting

Custom Pricing

The most affordable WordPress LDAP Plugin is available in the market. Additionally, we provide discounts to Non-Profit organizations and Educational institutions.

active directory login for shared hosting

Active Support

We know authentication is an essential part of running a business which is why we provide priority support that ensures that any issues you face on a live production site are resolved as soon as possible

Customer Reviews

The best support I have ever met

Some time ago I bought the Active Directory Integration / LDA plugin and also used other plugins for the integration of my user registry system. There was some incompatibility and my user registration system was not completely compatible. A member of the team helped me resolve each and every one of the incompatibilities. He worked for me customizing the plugin until it was fully supported. He has never worked with such an efficient and dedicated support team. I work with a lot of paid plugins and no support team did that well. I recommend this plugin 100%

- agonzalez12

LDAP for Cloud Works Great!

MiniOrange did a great job with this plug-in. Gave us exactly what we were looking for with LDAPS authentication. Support was superb in assisting us getting this implemented. Well pleased!

- brianlaird

surprising, a very good support

I think it was quite easy to implement the LDAP, and it has also a lot of options to retrive information from the LDAP like email, name, phone.. so it's easier to get all this information in your tables. The people from support is also very nice, miniorange helped me with my configuration that was quite different. I'll recommend this plugin.

- estoespersonal

Support and configuration of LDAP Plugin

After multiple tries to solve some Plugin Issues on my own, the great Support came to help me once again. I can really suggest and recomend this Plugin for all your needs. The Support will be there every step of the way if needed.

- markotomic93

Professional level plugin , and excellent support

I'm quite impress by the very good level of support not so often these days. The plugin is at professional level and provide all the announced functionality, and more!

- fabienandreo

Perfect plugin for LDAPS connection on shared hosting WordPress

For a long time, I have been looking for plugins for my shared hosted WordPress sites and tried n numbers of plugins, but none of them met my requirements as this plugin from Miniorange, the plugin's graphics are fantastic and very easy to use. I had an attribute mapping and LDAPS requirement and with this plugin, it works great. And the support is impeccable. I submitted a request for a demo and received a response within hours. I would definitely recommend it.

- mateoowen92

High quality LDAP solution with top notch support

I used miniOrange LDAP plugin to facilitate single sign on between active directory and our wordpress site hosted on flywheel shared hosting. They are having an awesome solution to achieve the SSO on domain joined systems. The guys at miniOrange were very responsive and helpful, I must praise the support team in miniorange for their timely response in solving my problems.

- bennettfoddy

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active directory login for shared hosting

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Active Directory integration for WordPress on cloud hosting. LDAP integration for WordPress on cloud hosting

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LDAP integration for WordPress on cloud hosting. Active Directory integration for WordPress on cloud hosting

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active directory login for shared hosting

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Frequently Asked Questions


Does miniOrange offer technical support?

Yes, we provide 24*7 support for any and all issues you may face while using our LDAP Authentication plugin. This includes technical support from our developers. You can get prioritized support based on the Support Plan you have opted for.

What is the refund policy?

If the premium plugin you purchased is not working as advertised and you've attempted to resolve any feature issues with our support team, which couldn't get resolved, we will refund the whole amount within 10 days of the purchase.

Does miniOrange provide developer license for paid plugins?

We do not provide a developer license for our paid plugins and the source code is protected. It is strictly prohibited to make any changes in the code without having written permission from miniOrange.


What is a WordPress LDAP plugin?

A WordPress LDAP plugin integrates LDAP functionality into a WordPress site. LDAP plugins enable seamless authentication and user management by connecting WordPress to external LDAP directories. This allows users to log in with their existing LDAP credentials, streamlining access control and user account administration. The plugin facilitates synchronization between WordPress and LDAP directories, ensuring consistency in user data and permissions.

What is active directory integration?

Active Directory integration involves linking external systems or applications with Microsoft's Active Directory (AD) service. This integration enables seamless authentication and user management by utilizing AD credentials across various platforms. Users can log in with their AD usernames and passwords, streamlining access to integrated services. The integration ensures centralized control over user accounts, permissions, and security policies. By synchronizing information with AD, organizations enhance efficiency and security, creating a unified environment for managing user identities and access across diverse applications and systems.

What is WordPress LDAP integration?

WordPress LDAP integration allows users to authenticate through LDAP credentials, streamlining access control. User data is synchronized between WordPress and the LDAP directory, ensuring consistency. WordPress LDAP integration is beneficial for organizations using LDAP-based authentication systems, enhancing security and simplifying user management within the WordPress environment. It provides a seamless experience, allowing users to log in with their existing LDAP credentials and maintaining a centralized approach to user authentication and authorization.

How does LDAP authentication work with an active directory?

LDAP authentication with Active Directory involves a client-server interaction. The client, like a web application, queries the Active Directory server using LDAP protocol. The server validates user credentials by checking the provided username and password against its directory database. If the credentials match, the user gains access. This process ensures secure and centralized authentication across systems, as LDAP facilitates communication between the client and Active Directory, verifying user identities and enabling seamless access to integrated services.

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