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Key Features

LDAP Authentication

Using the LDAP Login For Shared Hosting Environment Plugin, users can login into WordPress site using credentials which are stored on your LDAP Server for websites hosted on Shared Hosting Environment / Cloud.

Support for LDAPS

LDAPS connection is supported in the plugin to enhance extra layer of security.

Assign WordPress Role(s) Based on LDAP Groups

Assign WordPress role(s) to all the users in Active Directory belonging to a particular group in the LDAP Server.

Custom WordPress Profile Mapping

Custom LDAP Attributes can be mapped in your WordPress. For Ex. a custom attribute department is set in LDAP Server then this attribute can be mapped to WordPress user profile attribute.

Authenticate Users From Multiple Search Bases

Authenticate the users present in different LDAP Organizational Units at single time. You have the option of allowing only certain OU users to login.

Login With Any LDAP Attribute Of Your Choice

Login to your WordPress site using any LDAP attribute of your choice. Custom attributes are also allowed. Ex. samaccountname, cn, mail, department, etc.

Support For Dynamic Custom Search Filter

Authenticate users based on multiple conditions ex. Allow login to the user only if the user is an active/enabled user.

Auto-Registration of LDAP Users

Automatic registration in WordPress site when LDAP users are first time logged in into WordPress.

Authenticate Users From Both LDAP And WordPress

User authentication will be allowed from both LDAP server and WordPress. In other words, a user can log in using both LDAP and WordPress credentials.

Redirect to custom URL

Upon LDAP authentication, the plugin redirects the user to any custom page on your WordPress site.

Protect All Website Content By Login

You can protect the website contents by enabling this option. The users would be required to log in to access any page of the WordPress site.

WordPress Multisite Support

Support WordPress multisite environments seamlessly.Manage and configure Subsites at one place.

Multiple LDAP Directories Configuration

Authenticate users from more than one LDAP server.

Premium Add-Ons

Auto-Login (SSO) For Shared Hosting

$149 / Instance

Auto login (SSO) into your WordPress site hosted on shared hosting environment.

Sync Users From LDAP Directory

$149 / Instance

Sync your ldap directory users to your WordPress site. Schedules can be configured for the sync to run at a specific time and after a specific interval.

BuddyPress Extended Profile Integration for Shared Hosting

$149 / Instance

Integrates user's BuddyPress extended profile attributes with LDAP/AD attributes upon LDAP/AD login.

Page/Post Restriction

$119 / Instance

Restrict WordPress pages/posts based on WordPress roles.

Custom Notifications On WordPress Login Page

$119 / Instance

Add/Display customized messages on your WordPress login page.


LDAP for Cloud Works Great!

Wordpress LDAP/ AD Login on cloud

miniOrange did a great job with this plug-in. Gave us exactly what we were looking for. Support was superb.

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Greate Plugin, Superb Support

Wordpress LDAP/ AD Login for Shared Hosting

This plugin works perfectly. The support team was excellent in helping us setting it up. Highly recommended!

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surprising, a very good support

LDAP Active Directory

A perfect support, and a plugin that fulfills what it promises, I recommend it and thanks to your team for the support .

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Superb support

LDAP/AD configuration for Shared Hosting

I must praise that the support team in miniOrange for their persistence and dedication in solving my problems.

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Outstanding support

Wordpress LDAP integration on cloud

It was a fairly easy set up, and the one issue that I had was resolved fairly quickly by their extremely helpful team.

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Solid solution

LDAP Authentication on Shared Hosting Environment

The guys at miniOrange were very responsive and helpful while rolling out Single Sign On (SSO) for one of our micro sites.

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