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OTP Over SMS with miniOrange

More benefit, one solution

Two Factor Authentication

To increase security for your store, add second-factor authentication on top of the login page to ensure that the user is genuine and the 2FA will also act like another verification required from users side. It will ensure that the right set of eyes have access to your sensitive information

OTP verification on Registration

While any user is registering into the Shopify store, they will be prompted for OTP verification. This ensures that only genuine users using unique phone numbers or email addresses are able to register on your Shopify Store.

Prevent Account Sharing

Restricting users from sharing their login credentials with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and session management which helps to secure Plus/Non-Plus stores by preventing users from being logged in from multiple places at the same time.

OTP Login as Default login option

Make OTP as a default login option for your Shopify store i.e. users will login into the store only using the OTP over SMS, email, Whatsapp, etc. You have the option to keep Shopify default login optional or you can disable it and keep OTP as the only login option.

Alternate login solutions

We've provided a list of authentication methods, if you are not able to verify your entry on Shopify, you can use other two-factor authentication methods as an alternative.

Increase Customer satisfaction

By offering the option of using an SMS one-time password, you can demonstrate to your customers that your business seriously cares about shopify store security.

Password-less login

With miniOrange’s two-factor app, the user is authenticated directly with the second layer of security without entering the password. You can choose between a password and two-factor authentication or just two-factor authentication.

Compatibility for Themes

Secure access to Shopify stores that are compatible with more than 50 different themes.

Personalize login page/Templates

You have the ability to customize the 2FA login pop-up to fit in the look of your Shopify store, and you can also Customize SMS templates.

SMS is a highly reliable medium of communication.

By sending One-Time Passwords via SMS, you are sure to reach your users wherever they are within a second, even if the users don't have access to the internet they can still secure their Shopify account with Two-factor authentication.

Why needed OTP verification on login of Shhopify account

The Login with OTP (one-time password) is a authentication method where a numeric code is sent to a registered mobile number.

The login with OTP is one of the popular methods of two-factor authentication, which adds a layer of security used to verify the identity of a user logging into an online platform, application or website.

Shopify is an ecommerce platform and as we know there are many sellers selling their products online daily and also there are many more buyers purchasing products. When a consumer shares personal or confidential information with your business, they expect you to keep it safe from hackers.

Additional security measures are added to your Shopify store on login/registration, or if you want to add it on checkout or during payment, you can give your customers a happy and secure shopping experience. It increases the stability of your Shopify store and helps you to gain a business reputation. The account is secured by SMS OTP even if the credentials or email are accessed or hacked, the OTP Over SMS overcomes the vulnerabilities of a standard password and is needed to keep your Shopify store data, user transactions safe and secure.

OTP login shopify
OTP login shopify

With our ‘Login with OTP’ application, prompt users to verify their phone number using an OTP sent to their phone number or email address before onboarding them. We provide OTP verification on the registration page of the Shopify store. This ensures that only genuine users using unique phone numbers or email addresses are able to register to your Shopify store. This will prevent your Shopify store from bots/spammers and non-genuine users trying to create multiple fake accounts. You can store the phone number of your customers in the phone field of their profile instead of storing it in any other field.

Choose your best plan

Basic Plan


For 300 users or 1000 OTP whichever reaches first

Login with OTP feature

Standard Plan


For 500 users or 2000 OTP whichever reaches first

Login with OTP feature

Update Email feature

Premium Plan


For 1000 users or 4000 OTP whichever reaches first

Login with OTP feature

Update Email feature

OTP verification on Registration

Enterprise Plan


for 2000 users or 8000 OTP whichever reaches first

Login with OTP feature

Update Email feature

OTP verification on Registration

Other Security Solution We Provides

WordPress OAuth SSO - SSO with MFA

Single Sign-On SSO

Allows users to SSO into your Shopify Store with integration protocols such as SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, JWT, LDAP, API authentication, etc.

WordPress OAuth SSO - Mobile SSO

User Provisioning-Deprovsioning

Automate user creation, updating, and disabling tasks in Shopify by directly interacting with the Identity Provider Admin Dashboard

WordPress OAuth SSO - User Provisioning

Page and Post Restriction

Lock your Shopify store and control who can access your pages, products, and collections in a given space.

WordPress OAuth SSO - Headless SSO

Wordflow Automation

Create workflows that automate tasks, campaigns, and processes within your store and across your apps. This automation empowers you to create the custom solutions that your company requires.

WordPress OAuth SSO - SSO with MFA

Shopify as IDP

miniOrange Provides Secure Single Sign-On (SSO) Access to your applications using your Shopify Store credentials.

WordPress OAuth SSO - Mobile SSO

Firewall IP and Country Restrict

Restrict unwanted traffic from the countries and IPs and keep you content secure from getting misused or from getting stolen .

WordPress OAuth SSO - User Provisioning

Shopify Store Migration

Migrate your store from any e-commerce platform such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, Shopware, etc to Shopify.

WordPress OAuth SSO - Headless SSO

Shopify Salesforce Sync

Automatically sync the products, orders, users from Shopify to Salesforce CRM and vice versa. Track the growth of sales, analytics, etc.

Step-by-Step Guide for configuring Shopify OTP Application

Step 1: Install and setup App

  • Install Shopify OTP Application by clicking on “Add app” from Shopify App Store.
  • Click on the "Install app" button at the right top or bottom of the screen.
  • Check/Enable the Display Login Widget on Storefront button.
  • two factor authentication shopify otp login - enable display login widget
  • Fill up different options available to customize the widget/login button which will be displayed at your store login page or you can move forward without customizing the widget and use our already added default OTP login widget.

Step 2: Domain Mapping

  • If your primary domain is different than your Shopify domain then add your primary domain URL in the Domain Mapping section.
  • Note:
    Remove https: and slashes from the URL while adding it here.
  • Scroll down to Domain Mapping Section.
  • Save your configurations.
  • two factor authentication shopify otp login - domain mapping section

Step 3: Testing Login with OTP in your Shopify Store

  • Go to your store /account/login page.
  • Click on Login With miniOrange Widget (This name is configurable from the Application home page).

  • login with two-factor by miniOrange
  • Enter your mobile number and click on the “Next” button.

  • phone verification
  • Enter the OTP received over your mobile number and click on the “Verify” button.

  • verify OTP
  • If you don’t receive OTP, click on the “Resend OTP” link.
  • resend OTP
  • If you want to change your mobile number, click on the “Change Phone Number” link.
  • Once you verify the OTP, you’ll be logged in into your Shopify Customer Account.
  • If there’s no mobile number linked to your shopify account then Login with your shopify credentials and click on the “Update Profile” button on the Account page of shopify store as shown below.

  • Account page of shopify store
  • Enter the mobile number which you want to link to your account and click on the “Update” button .
  • link mobile number to Shopify account
  • After that Logout from your account and try logging in again with the mobile number you updated just now.

Step 4: Configuration on Shopify Store Admin Page

  • Go to your Shopify store admin page.
  • In the left section, click on the Online Store and select Preferences.
  • Scroll down to the Spam Protection section and uncheck the second option "Enable Google reCAPTCHA on login, create account and password recovery pages"
  • Save your changes.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)for Shopify (Plus and Non Plus), Restrict Shopify Store to logged in users

Step 5: Restricting Complete Store to logged-in users

If you want to restrict your shopify store to only logged-in users please follow the below steps and if you want to allow OTP Verification only from the /account/login page you can skip this step.

Prerequisite: You should have enabled password protection on your shopify store.

  • You need to get a storefront_digest cookie for configuring the complete store with OTP Verification. Click on the lock-shaped icon in the address bar of the browser and then click on cookies.
  • get cookie iinfo for shopify OTP
  • After that click on a tab with a name similar to your store domain and then click on submenu - Cookies.

  • cookies submenu
  • Now search for storefront_digest variable and then click on it. After that you can see it’s value under the content section as shown below. Copy this value.

  • save cookie shopify OTP
  • Paste the storefront_digest cookie value in the store access cookie section as shown below and then click on the Save button.
  • store cookie value for shopify OTP
  • Now go to https:// < your-store-domain>/password and click on “Enter using Password” in the top right corner. After that, click on the Login widget to initiate the logging in with OTP.

  • initiate OTP with sso for shopify

Step 6: Upgrade to one of the plan

  • You can skip this step if you have free SMS available.
  • two factor authentication shopify otp login - free sms available
  • Click on Update Plan button in the navigation bar of the Application

    view two-factor plan for shopify
  • Click on the Upgrade button below the plan with which you want to move ahead.

    upgrade with two-factor plan
  • Accept the recurring charges and after that, you’ll be redirected back to the Application home page.

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