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Microsoft Dynamics 365 WordPress integration | DyCRM Integrations

Key Features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 WordPress integration | onpremise/online

Support for on-premise/online CRM

Connect your WordPress site with on-premise/online CRM using the username-password auth method or using the Graph API method

Microsoft Dynamics 365 WordPress integration | Bi-directional Sync

Bi-directional sync for multiple objects/entity data

Sync multiple objects like lead and contact from CRM to WordPress. Create objects like leads, and contacts in the CRM from WordPress using custom forms

Microsoft Dynamics 365 WordPress integration | Woocommerce integration

Integration with WooCommerce

Sync the data like customers, sales, orders, order history, etc. to the CRM when the user purchases the product using the WooCommerce shop checkout form

Microsoft Dynamics 365 WordPress integration | Embed shortcode

Shortcode to embed entity tables into WordPress

Display Entity data/tables/records using shortcode on the pages or posts. Design the forms in the CRM and insert them into page/post using shortcode

Our Integrations

Our Integrations with all

Dynamics 365 CRM Platforms

Now, you can connect your WordPress site seamlessly with all available Dynamics CRM platforms using our plugin in no time. Our Solution supports Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps like Model Driven Apps (CRM), Finance and Operations Apps (ERP), Business Central Apps (Customer Insights)

Wordpress dynamics 365 integration | Integrations Platform

Our Integrations with WordPress

Wordpress dynamics 365 integration | Integrations Platform

Our Integrations with all

WordPress Platforms

Easily Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps to third party WordPress Solutions like WooCommerce, BuddyPress / BuddyBoss, Paid Membership Pro, LearnDash etc.


Wordpress dynamics 365 integration | Integrations Platform

Use Case

  • An E-Commerce website has a WordPress site with WooCommerce installed for their shop and checkout process.
  • Users register on the Woocommerce site for purchasing the product on the site.
  • These users should get added to the respective entity table of the CRM portal.
  • Furthermore, the order history should be maintained/synced to the order table in the CRM.
  • Admin should be able to see the list of Salesperson on the WordPress page using the shortcode.

Solution Provided

  • The miniOrange User Sync for the Azure / Office 365 with the Dynamics 365 Integration plugin installed on the WordPress site will connect to the Dynamics CRM portal. This will sync users and shop orders to the CRM once they are registered on the site. Shortcodes generated by the plugin can be used to embed entity tables in the page/post or to embed Dynamics 365 forms to create leads, contacts from WordPress.

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