Headless Magento SSO | Magento Headless Single Sign-On

Key Features

Single Sign-On Integration

Enable Single Sign On for your Headless / Decoupled Magento site using any of the popular protocols such as SAML, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect (OIDC) etc

Frontend technology Support

miniOrange can integrate with any frontend framework like React JS, Angular JS, Flutter, Gatsby banking on Headless Magento

Attribute Mapping

Get user attributes from your Provider and map them to Magento user attributes like firstname, lastname with support for custom attributes

Link to add IDP Login

Add a link anywhere on your frontend to allow users to authenticate via their Identity Provider

Multiple IDP Support

Connect Multiple IdPs to configure Single Sign On with your Decoupled Magento Website


Custom Feature Development

If you cant find any feature listed on here, you can explain your use case or custom requirement and we can custom make the extension for you.

Complete Website Protection

Block unauthorized access and from timed-out sessions. All users having expired sessions will be redirected to the Identity Provider for reverification

Easy to Configure

Easy plugin configuration for Headless WordPress integrated with any frontend applications like React JS, Angular JS, Flutter, Gatsby, Vue, etc.

JWT Signature Verification

Templated Code for JWT Signature Verficiation supported by all Front End

Stateful And Stateless Session Support

Create and Maintain sessions on Front End of your choice, or on the Magento Backend or both

24/7 Active Support

Our support engineers are available at your service 24x7. Opt for one of our affordable support plans for rapid query resolution


Premium Plan

Single Sign-On Integration
Any Frontend technology SSO Support (Gatsby, Vue, Angular,React, NextJS, etc)
Convert Magento to Headless CMS
Stateful and Stateless session Support
JWT Signing
Attribute Mapping
Deactivate Users
Advanced Role Mapping
Protect Your Complete Site behind SSO

Payment Methods

Credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa) - If the payment is made through Credit Card/International Debit Card, the license will be created automatically once the payment is completed.

wordpress sso payment methods

Please contact us here or drop an email at magentosupport@xecurify.com for more information

  Bank Transfer

Please contact us here or drop an email at magentosupport@xecurify.com so that we can provide you the bank details.

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