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Create users in bulk simpally through a CSV file

Bulk User Creation

Effortlessly create multiple user accounts at once for users not registered in WordPress simply by importing them through a CSV file.

Manage WordPress users activity and session

User Activity & Session Management

Easily monitor activity of your WordPress users such as session time, active / inactive status from our interactive dashboard.

Manage WordPress users roles with ease

Bulk Users Role Management

Assign a default role to new WordPress users or modify / overwrite the existing users role in bulk by importing them through a single file.

Export WordPress users into a CSV file

Export WordPress Users

You can export profile information of your WordPress such as name, email, role, profile photo, etc to a CSV file.

Manage WordPress user access to a particular page or post.

Manage access to a particular Page/Post

Make a particular page on a private network publicly accessible by providing the ID / URL information about it.

Manage existing WordPress user roles and capabilities

Manage Existing WordPress Role Capabilities

Effortlessly manage capabilities of existing WordPress roles such as Author, Subscriber, etc as per your requirement through our plugin.

Create new WordPress roles and manage their capabilities

Create New roles and manage their capabilities.

Create new WordPress user roles and easily manage their capabilities and permissions as per the requirement using the plugin.

get email notification to WordPress admin on incorrect WordPress login attempt

Email notification to admin on incorrect login attempt

A custom email notification will be send to admin on each incorrect login attempt the WordPress users had made.



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  • Bulk User Import / Export using CSV files.
  • Bulk Users Role assignment.
  • Default Redirection on Login and Logout.
  • Website privacy and page restriction.
  • Display user activity status.

(Free plugin updates for one year)


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  • All the features mentioned in the free version.
  • Role based Redirection on Login.
  • User Activity Tracking & Management.
  • Make specific pages/post publicly accessible on a private website.
  • Custom role creation and Management.

(Free plugin updates for one year)

What Differentiates Us from Others

Some of the amazing benefits to keep your plugin going

Setup your LDAP Server / Active Directory with ease

Easy Setup

We have a plethora of guides and YouTube videos to assist with the setup of your WP LDAP plugin. Additionally, we also provide 24/7 user support.

Keep your LDAP Directory integration updated and secured

Regular Updates

Receive regular updates which keep your WP LDAP Plugin up to date with the latest WordPress and PHP versions.

Get customized LDAP solutions


We provide high levels of customization tailored to your needs and a plethora of add-ons to support specific requirements.

Intuitive Interface to improve user interface

Intuitive Interface

Our Interface is designed keeping in mind the ease of use and provides a consistent user experience for all.

Most affordable LDAP solutions

Custom Pricing

The most affordable WordPress LDAP Plugin available in the market. Additionally, we provide discounts to Non Profit organizations and Educational institutions.

Worlds best LDAP / Active Directory support for any queries you may have

Active Support

We know authentication is an essential part of running a business which is why we provide priority support that ensures that any issues you face on a live production site are resolved as soon as possible.

Other Products

WordPress LDAP Login for Intranet sites plugin

LDAP Login for Intranet Sites

WP LDAP/AD Login for Intranet sites plugin allows you to login into a WordPress website using the credentials which are stored in your LDAP/Active Directory. The LDAP Authentication process can be performed on various LDAP servers such as Microsoft Active Directory, Azure AD, OpenLDAP, FreeIPA, JumpCloud and more.

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Active Directory/LDAP Integration for Cloud & Shared Hosting Platforms

Is your website hosted on a cloud/shared hosting platform without enabling LDAP extension?

We provide a cloud based solution for LDAP/AD authentication on WordPress sites hosted on a cloud or shared hosting platform such as Bluehost, DreamHost, SiteGround, Flywheel, WPengine, GoDaddy and many more.

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Staff/Employee Business Directory for Active Directory

Search and Display LDAP / Active Directory Users on WordPress Page

Search and display the employees' data present in your LDAP server on-the-fly without storing the employee information in WordPress. To get more details on this plan please contact us.

Learn More

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Top Questions about our Pricing and Support


What are the LDAP Service Account Credentials?

Service account is an non privileged user which is used to bind to the LDAP Server. It is the preferred method of binding to the LDAP Server if you have to perform search operations on the directory.
The distinguished name(DN) of the service account object and the password are provided as credentials.

Does miniOrange offer technical support?

Yes, we provide 24*7 support for any and all issues you may face while using our LDAP Authentication plugin. This includes technical support from our developers. You can get prioritized support based on the Support Plan you have opted for.

Does miniOrange store any user data?

miniOrange does not store or transfer any data that comes from the Identity Provider to WordPress. All the data remains within your premises/server.

What is the refund policy?

If the premium plugin you purchased is not working as advertised and you've attempted to resolve any feature issues with our support team, which couldn't get resolved, we will refund the whole amount within 10 days of the purchase.

Does miniOrange provide developer license for paid plugins?

We do not provide a developer license for our paid plugins and the source code is protected. It is strictly prohibited to make any changes in the code without having written permission from miniOrange.

Does miniOrange offer customization?

Yes, miniOrange does provide customizations on top of our premium plugins and add-ons. We have a team of skilled developers who can customize the plugin to suit your use case and requirements.


How to get the default CSV file format template?

To get the default CSV file format for importing users to your WordPress site, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Import/Export Users tab inside the Plugin. Click on the Export Users Tab.
  2. Click on the Export Button inside Export Users section a default CSV file will get downloaded.
  3. Enter the users' details as per file format and import users to WordPress.
If you have any queries or need assistance configuring our plugin, contact us at Our customer support team is available 24X7 to assist you in any way possible.

How does page privacy work?

Using page privacy, you can make a specific page publicly accessible inside a private website.

  1. Go to the Page Privacy tab in the plugin. And enable Protect all content by login by clicking on the checkbox.
  2. A check box will appear, Add Public Pages. Enable the checkbox, and a box will appear to add the URL of pages to be made public.
  3. Enter the URL of the page that you want to make public and click on the Save button. The page will now be publicly accessed.

Can I import and export users in bulk using this plugin?

Yes, the User and Login Management plugin allows you to import and export users in bulk. You can easily add or remove multiple users at once, saving you time and effort.

How can I assign user roles to multiple users simultaneously?

With the bulk user role management feature of the User and Login Management plugin, you can assign roles to multiple users at once. This streamlines the process and makes role assignments more efficient.

Is it possible to redirect users based on their WordPress roles?

Absolutely! The User and Login Management plugin enables you to redirect users to specific pages based on their WordPress roles. This feature helps create a personalized user experience and guides users to relevant content.

Can I track user activity and manage their sessions with this plugin?

Yes, the User and Login Management plugin allows you to track user activity and manage sessions effectively. You can gain insights into user behavior, such as login/logout times, session durations, and page visits, helping optimize your website's performance.

Payment Methods

miniorange payment methods

Credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa) - If the payment is made through Credit Card/International Debit Card, the license will be created automatically once the payment is completed.

miniorange payment methods

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miniorange payment methods

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Note: Payment by cheque or any other methods are not accepted.

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