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Key Features

Bulk User Creation

You can create multiple user accounts at once for users not registered in WordPress simply by importing them through a CSV file.

Bulk User Modification

Existing WordPress user's information such as their name, email, role, etc can be modified / updated for multiple users at once. Using our interactive plugin interface you can import and manage multiple attributes of WordPress users in just a single step.

Bulk Users Role Management

You can assign roles to new WordPress users or you can modify / overwrite the existing users role by importing them through a single file.

Export WordPress Users

You can export profile information of your WordPress such as name, email, role, profile photo, etc to a “.csv”,” .xml”, “.xls”,”Json file”, etc.

Active Users Management

The information about your WordPress users such as session time, active / inactive status can be easily viewed from the WordPress admin dashboard.

Default Redirection on Login and Logout

A default redirection URL can be set for all WordPress users on login and logout.

Role based Redirection on Login

The admin can decide the redirection of users with a particular WordPress role to a specific page on login. The information about the URL for the page to be redirected needs to be provided. However this is an optional feature.

Manage access to a particular Page/Post

Make a particular page, post, image, etc on a private network publicly accessible by providing the ID / URL information about it.

Auto Logout users

Manage the session of your WordPress users by providing the auto-logout time after which the user session will be terminated.

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$ 0

   Bulk User Creation.

   Bulk User Modification.

   Bulk Users Role Management.

   Default Redirection on Login and Logout.

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Premium Plugin

$ 199

   Export WordPress Users.

   Active Users Management.

   Role based Redirection on Login.

   Manage access to a particular Page/Post.

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