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Discord WordPress Single Sign On Integration

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Discord and WordPress Integration

WordPress Discord integrator allows you to map roles from your discord server to the WordPress user profile when the user performs Single Sign-On (SSO). You can map WordPress user roles and subscriptions to the members in your Discord server. We can perform actions like adding, deleting, and updating members in your Discord server based on their actions on the WordPress site. Map Discord Avatar to the WordPress user profile.

With WordPress, Discord integrator also provides Role Mapping, User restriction, and other features with membership plugins like Memberpress, Paid membership pro, WooCommerce Memberships, MembershipPRO, MemberMouse, WishList, EasyDigital Downloads, etc.

Integration with Discord - Supported Subscriptions and Membership plugins

Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory
Paid Membership Pro
Membership Pro
Active Directory
EasyDigital Downloads
Active Directory
Active Directory
Active Directory

Key Features

Discord Single Sign On
One-click login to your website using Discord Account
Attribute Mapping
Attribute Mapping helps to map the profile attributes of the Discord user to WordPress user profile along with support for custom attributes.
Profile Picture Mapping
Discord Avatar Mapping to WordPress profile picture

Widget to add Discord Login
Add a link or button anywhere on your WordPress site to allow user to authenticate via Discord
User restriction
Login restriction to user based on his presence on your Discord Server
Add User to Discord Server
Add the user in your Discord server once they login to your site with their Discord Account

Discord to WordPress Role Mapping
WordPress Role Mapping assigns specific WordPress roles to user based his roles on your Discord Server
WordPress to Discord Role Mapping
Discord Role Mapping assigns specific roles to user on your Discord Server based his WordPress roles
Manage User Subscription on Discord Server
Manage user roles on your Discord Server based on his subscription/Membership status on WordPress

Discord Auto Post
New published posts on WordPress website will be sent to discord automatically.
Custom Redirect URL after login and logout
Configure the URL wherever you want to redirect your Discord users after WordPress SSO login or after logout.

Discord WordPress Autopost


User Creation  

   Send a message in the discord server when a user is created in WordPress.

Post Creation for new messages  

   Create a WordPress post when a message is posted in the Discord server.

New Comment Notification  

   Send Server Message in Discord on a New Comment in WordPress

Discord Autopost

  WordPress Discord invite

  Add Discord server invite in a WordPress Signup email for New User.

  Discord channel messages

  Send server Message in Discord on a New User in WordPress.

  Notifications on Discord for Woocommerce

  Send a message in the Discord server with order details when a user placed a order with WooCommerce.

Licensing Plans

WordPress Discord Integrator

WordPress Discord Integrator maps roles in the Discord server based on WP roles, membership, and subscription. Please Request a Quote if your membership or subscription plugin is not listed on the page.

Select a Plan

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SSO with Discord

Role Mapping from Discord to WordPress

Discord Avatar Mapping to WordPress profile picture

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SSO with Discord

Role Mapping from WordPress to Discord

Subscription/Membership based Role mapping

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Customizable Icons PRO

Advanced/Custom Attribute Mapping

Profile Picture Mapping

User restriction

Add user to discord server

Custom Redirection Option

Advance role mapping (Discord to WordPress)

Wordpress to Discord role mapping

Subscription/Membership based Role mapping

Supported Plugins

  • 1. WooCommerce Members Only
  • 2. WooCommerce Membership
  • 3. MemberPress
  • 4. PaidMembershipPro
  • 5. WooCommerce Subscriptions

Use Cases


Role Mapping from Discord to WordPress

Member roles in the discord server will be mapped with WordPress role during Single Sign-On (SSO). So whenever a user logs into the WordPress site using their Discord login credentials, user roles will be fetched from the discord server and mapped to the WordPress user role. For Example, Suppose a Discord user logging into your site is already a member of your Discord Server, having specific roles (which differentiate the members having access to different private channels on your server). In that case, you can assign him WordPress roles (subscriber, contributor, author) or custom roles created with some third-party plugin based on his roles on your Discord Server. This feature is accessible on all higher versions of the WordPress Discord Integration plugin, starting with the standard plan.


Role Mapping from WordPress to Discord

User roles from your WordPress site will be mapped to member roles in your Discord server during specific events in WordPress. One such event is when a user role is updated on your WordPress site, the same role will reflect in your Discord server. For Example, You can show a link to ‘Join the discord server’ on your WordPress site, and when a user clicks on this link, he will become a member of your discord server. Suppose you change the role of a subscriber to a contributor on your WordPress. In that case, this role change will be synced immediately on the Discord Server with assigning a contributor-specific role to the user. We can also update roles in the Discord server based on your requirements and different WordPress events specified by you. This use case will need customization to handle the different scenarios mentioned by you.


Managing guild members (add, delete, update)

Perform various operations like Add, Delete and Update members in your Discord server based on a specific event in WordPress. This use case needs customization as the action needs to be invoked on a specific event to your WordPress site. For Example, A discord user is logging into your WordPress site through SSO and is not a member of your Discord server. You can add this user to your Discord Server immediately. On the other hand, you can restrict the user from logging into your WordPress site if he is not already present on your Discord server.


Handling subscription based access to the discord channels from WordPress

If you provide subscription-based services on your WordPress site, you can assign the roles to the members in your Discord server based on that subscription level purchased. The roles would, in turn, allow you to provide users with access to specific channels. The WordPress site's subscription is generally managed using various plugins like PaidMembership Pro, WooCommerce Subscriptions, Memberpress, MemberMouse, Whitelist Member, etc. So, we need to handle events specific to these plugins. For example, consider selling four memberships (Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver) on your WordPress site using any subscription plugins mentioned above. When a user purchases a Platinum membership, you want him to have access to all the private channels on your Discord Server. But the members who have purchased lower membership have access to limited channels. We can handle this case by assigning members with the roles in Discord which would take care of channel-specific access. Also, if a WordPress user is not already added to your discord server, we can provide him an option to join your Server. Please check our premium and enterprise plans if your subscription plugin is already supported otherwise, contact us at


Discord Avatar Mapping to WordPress profile picture

Map Discord Avatar to WordPress profile picture when the user performs Single Sign-On (SSO).

miniorange img  Recommended plugin

Download the WP OAuth Client Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin using the following link.:

WordPress SSO Single Sign On with Azure, Azure B2C, Cognito, WHMCS, Okta, Ping, Clever, Keycloak, many OAuth & OpenID Providers [24/7 SUPPORT]

 Tested with 5.9.1
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